Try this test to find out if your browser spies on you

The Privacy It is one of those factors that matter most to users when browsing. It is a fact that whenever we enter a web page, for example, we leave a trace. Information about the IP address, real location, operating system we use … The browser You can record a lot of data and it is not always positive. In this article we are going to show a free and simple test that shows us if the browser spies on us and to what extent.

Cover Your Tracks, a test for privacy when browsing

Sometimes it is interesting to know if a program that we use really protects privacy or not. And what better example than a browser. After all, it is the application that we use to enter all kinds of websites and platforms. There are many options available, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge … Not all act the same when it comes to protecting data and can even be used to spy.

For all that arose Cover Your Tracks. It is a free online service developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Its objective is very clear: to know if a browser protects user data to avoid tracking when browsing a web page.

Websites can run scripts designed to gather information about the device, for example. All this is important for statistics, but it can also be data that ends up for sale to third parties and can even end up in the wrong hands.

To use Cover Your Tracks, just go to its official website. There you will see a button on the left that says Test your browser. You just have to click on it and we will see that it automatically begins to load. This process may take a few seconds.

Once finished, we can see information about how the browser works. For example against advertising trackers, whether or not to block invisible trackers, etc. Below that box we will see more details, with information on more specific results related to the browser and privacy.

Maintain privacy, important when browsing

Regardless of the results you show us, the truth is that maintaining privacy is important. We must always use a good browser. You can configure Chrome to improve privacy, but it is something you can do in any other program.

But beyond the browser itself that we use, it is very important control where we navigate. For example avoiding websites that may be designed to steal information. There are many on the Internet and they could even steal passwords and personal information to sell them to third parties.

Our advice is to always count on security programs. A good antivirus will help detect possible threats that may enter the system. Detecting it in time will be essential to avoid major problems, such as theft of keys or being infected by threats such as ransomware.

Besides this, another important tip is to keep your equipment up to date. We must always install security patches on systems and in any application that we use. Only in this way will we be able to keep our data protected and avoid many problems.

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