These smart sensors cannot be missing in your kitchen

Sensors for a smart kitchen

Making your kitchen smart can be a good idea. We are not only talking about automating tasks, as you can do if you have an oven with Wi-Fi, for example. You can also take advantage of technology to gather information or even avoid problems. There is different types of sensors which can be useful.

Carbon dioxide detector and meter

A very interesting smart sensor for the kitchen is a carbon dioxide detector and meter. It is capable of showing the air quality and knowing when we should ventilate the kitchen so as not to have problems. It must be taken into account that it is a sensitive place, where we are going to cook and there may be accumulation.

You will find many different models. Some may be more complete, but in general what you will find is a small device capable of measuring the amount of CO2 in that place where you place it.

Motion sensor for the faucet

You can also have a motion sensor for the tap. If you want to make your kitchen smart but do not want a large investment, one step is to install a sensor for the faucet. Basically what it does is activate the flow of water when you pass your hand in front of the tap, where the sensor is.

They are very useful to avoid having to constantly open and close the tap, especially when we have dirty hands while we are cooking. They are easily installed and we can place them on any faucet, not just in the kitchen.

Water leaks

Another useful sensor for the kitchen is for detect water leaks. It is especially useful if you have the washing machine in the kitchen or even to detect possible leaks in the refrigerator or any appliance. In case it detects that something is not right, you can take action as soon as possible to fix the problem.

They are also small devices that you can place anywhere. When it detects water, it sends out a warning signal. Some can even send a notification to your mobile, so you can receive it no matter where you are.


It is convenient to know the temperature what you do in different places in a house and one of them is the kitchen. It can be useful to know when to turn on or not the heating or air conditioning, for example. You may also want to know the temperature out of simple curiosity or measure it near an appliance.

In this sense, you will find many temperature sensors available. They are cheap, easy to use and you will be able to receive the information on your mobile to see it from an application.

Humidity sensor

Something similar happens with the humidity sensors. You can know the humidity in any place, such as the kitchen. This also helps you to ventilate when necessary and avoid problems that may affect other electrical appliances, the wall, etc.

You can find some models that even have both a temperature and humidity sensor in the same device. If you need both sensors, it may be a good option to buy one that has both and thus take advantage of it.

In short, these are some interesting sensors that you can use in your kitchen. As you can see, they can be useful to have more information and also to avoid certain problems that may appear.

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