Turn your WiFi repeaters on or off from anywhere with this trick

It is common to have wireless repeaters to improve Wi-Fi coverage in the home. They are very useful to boost the signal in a certain area where it does not reach well. But maybe you don’t want them to be always on. For security reasons, you may not want a potential intruder to take advantage to exploit your network access. Also even for saving energy and not always having them on. In this article we tell you how you can turn Wi-Fi repeaters on or off easily from anywhere.

Smart plug to control Wi-Fi repeaters

All you have to do is buy a smart plug. This home automation device is very useful for controlling devices of all kinds. You don’t need that Wi-Fi repeater, for example, or any other appliance to be smart. You simply connect it to a smart plug and that plug will be linked to a mobile application and you can manage it from anywhere.

This is very useful if, for example, you are traveling and you want the repeater to be off or, otherwise, for some reason you need it to be on and you left it off. It’s as easy as entering the mobile application and turn it on thanks to the smart plug you are using together with that repeater.

But how exactly does it work? The smart plug connects to a hub or directly to the router. In this way you link it to a program on the mobile and through this software you can decide when a device connected to that socket is turned off or on, program it, see the electricity consumption, etc. Depending on the model you will have more or fewer options, but the basic ones are those.

What the smart plug does is simply let the current pass or not. If you decide to turn off the Wi-Fi repeater, it’s just like unplugging it from the wall. If you later want to turn it on again, just activate it from the mobile application and it is as if you were connecting it to the current again.

Wi-Fi sockets are very useful and cheap

If you want to start in home automation, having a smart plug is one of the first steps you can take. They are getting cheaper and you will have no problem finding a model that suits what you need. Not only will you be able to use it to turn a Wi-Fi repeater on or off, but any other appliance such as a stove, an air conditioner, a coffee maker…

It offers a wide range of options, but especially what it gives you is flexibility. You will be able to decide when to turn something on or off, schedule it to be on only for a while, see if it is consuming more electricity than it should or simply know, from anywhere, if you have something on. It doesn’t matter where you put the Wi-Fi repeater.

You can see some models of smart plugs like these:

As you can see, turning off or turning on a Wi-Fi repeater remotely is really easy. You will only need to buy a smart plug and from there you can control it remotely. The configuration is simple and the options it has can be very useful for your day to day.

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