Twitter changes the way two-step authentication is used

Twitter now only allows 2FA keys

Keep in mind that two-step authentication is a very important complement to passwords. In case someone found out our password by any method, they would need that second step to be able to enter. This certainly allows you to avoid unwanted access.

exist different 2FA methods. A typical one is a code that we receive via SMS. Also the use of external applications that will enable a series of digits to authenticate us. But a third option is the use of a security key that we can use on our computer or mobile and that serves to verify that we are really the legitimate user.

Now Twitter is only going to allow this last option: use 2FA keys. Rule out other methods that until now allowed, since it indicates that it is the best way to really verify that it is the legitimate user who tries to access the account.

We have seen on occasions that, although it is better than nothing, for example the use of 2FA codes through SMS is not infallible. They can have access to our mobile, malware that captures the code, etc. This means that it is not a perfect method and that it may have security problems.

Greater protection and privacy

But for Twitter it is not only a reason for security, but also for Privacy. They indicate that using a 2FA key will also prevent users from having to share their phone number with them. Today privacy is a very important factor for users and many are reluctant to want to give data of this type, since at some point it could be leaked.

A very important question is that of prevent cyber attacks. The first option that Twitter added in 2018 was to allow users to use two-step authentication via SMS. But this could become a problem due to the attacks against SIM cards that there may be. We have seen some tips for keeping 2FA keys safe.

That is why the social network has now decided use only 2FA keys as a method to authenticate. It is foreseeable that with the passage of time there will be more platforms that allow this option and that they will even use it as the only alternative.

In short, two-step authentication is very important to maintain the security of our accounts and now Twitter has decided to use only 2FA keys and put aside other alternative methods that could be less secure in order to avoid intruders.

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