Unleashed: the Apple event in which the protagonists will be the Mac with M1X processor

Surely in the absence of officially confirming this by Apple, the Macs are this time the protagonists of the new Apple event that will start next Monday, October 18, 2021. In this case, the Cupertino company distributed the invitations during the afternoon of Tuesday and in just under a week Everything indicates that we will see the new MacBook Pro and possibly other Macs.

Again this event will be broadcast in streaming on the same day of the event, the live keynotes are still a thing of the past today. For now there are no details about the products they can launch but it is expected that they will be the already rumored 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros, maybe a revamped Mac Pro, the third-gen AirPods and we could even see a a new 27-inch iMac or a new Mac mini. We will see why the options are many.

Unleashed event dedicated to Macs

What we do have already clear and confirmed is the date of the event and that it will be clearly focused on the Mac range. Surely the rumors this week about the Macs that they may present will intensify somewhat more than normal, although it is true that the only thing we have officially confirmed is the day of the event.

In this case the schedule is at 18:00 Spanish peninsular time. A schedule that catches many Apple users and followers working in our country. As always, we will monitor the event directly here whenever possible. At the moment we already have another Apple event scheduled, hopefully it will be interesting and this year we are enjoying again with these events of the Cupertino company.

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