Unreleased Game 2021: the winner is “The Curator”

Lucca Comics and Games And dV Games they announced the winner of the contest Unpublished game for the year 2021: the board game that has collected the most preferences is “The Curator“By the author Luca Rosa.

This year’s theme wasItalian contemporary art, around which the creativity of those who participated in the competition was unleashed.

“Il Curatore” wins the Gioco Inedito 2021 award

This year, this competition was even more important than usual, thanks to the collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ArtLink! Farnesina – the name that will take the edition of the game that will go to print – will in fact be used as an informative tool, as well as playful, by the Ministry, to make the Farnesina Collection known and appreciated even more.

This is the large collection of works of art by Italian masters of the twentieth century, such as Marini, Campigli, Accardi, Perilli, Vedova, Pistoletto, Chia and others, kept and exhibited in the headquarters of the Ministry.

Christian Greco, director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin and honorary president of the jury of this edition, spent words of praise for the winning title:

I was very impressed by the game The Curator for a series of elements that first of all bind me to my profession as a museum curator, above all the fact that themes are established and, within these, by association we must then choose of works of art. Works that are sometimes given by chance, by the cards that are discovered, unite the game mechanism to what we regularly do in a museum: we decide to develop a thematic exhibition, which can have a very varied topic, and then this topic must be lowered , in a diachronic sense on our collection.

Artlink! Farnesina will be produced by dV Games, and will be available during the next one Lucca Comics and Games to be held in a few weeks.

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