Use your computer as a WiFi repeater to expand coverage in the house

Wireless networks are widely used

Connect to a Wi-Fi network it is something very common nowadays. If we think about how we connected only a few years ago, the normal thing was to do it with a computer connected by cable to the router. However, little by little wireless technology was improving. New compatible devices appeared, new methods of having a network anywhere.

This means that we must have a wireless network quality, offering good speed, stability and allowing it to be used on many computers. Especially with what is known as the Internet of Things, it becomes even more important to have a good Wi-Fi network and to be able to connect easily.

For this we can use different equipment, different devices that offer connection. We can also even use our Windows 10 computer as a repeater and share the signal with other computers. In this way we will take advantage of the available resources to create a network to which we can connect other devices. The process for this is very simple, as we are going to see. We have different alternatives to navigate without using cables from a Tablet, mobile or any other IoT device. Keep in mind that this Microsoft operating system is the most widely used in desktop computers, so it can come in handy for many users.

Using a Windows computer as a repeater

Keep in mind that to use our computer as repeater it should always be on. Otherwise it would not be offering a connection. What is this option useful for? Let’s say we are connected from a room to the router with a computer. The coverage is good, we can navigate and the speed is adequate. However, we have other devices, such as a Tablet, television or also another computer, which have a more limited network card and the coverage is not enough. It could even happen that we are connected by cable from the first computer.

In this way, what we are going to achieve is that the computer that receives the Internet can repeat the signal to other devices. So they can connect easily and have greater stability. We will have different options and one of them is to use the computer as a repeater.

To achieve our goal we will need a computer with two network cards. It can be through Wi-Fi or also connect by cable. This computer must have Windows 10, which is the operating system we use to configure it. In addition, the router must have DHCP activated to be able to assign IP addresses automatically (we can also configure it by hand).

That said, we can move on to configuring Windows 10 as a repeater. We have to go to Start, we enter Settings, we go to Network and Internet, Change adapter options and there it will show us all the options that we have available. The two network cards that interest us and that we are going to bridge should appear.

We have to select the two network cards and click with the second mouse button on one of them. The Bridge Connection option will appear. That we have to mark.

A message will appear indicating that Windows is creating a bridge connection between the two. Later, we have to connect with one of the adapters to the wireless network that we want to repeat. When we are connected, we have to go to the Network and Sharing Center and click on Set up a new network connection.

Set up new network connection

We select the wireless network option and mark the parameters that it requests.

Configure wireless network

We have to configure the access point with the SSID and the corresponding password. As we always say, we must use a password that is strong, that protects us adequately. Obsolete encryption must be avoided, such as WEP.

From now on we will have one adapter connected to the network and the other waiting for them to connect to it from another device. We will have a repeater on our Windows 10 computer and we will be able to connect with other devices and thus achieve better speed.

Share Internet from Windows 10

We can Share internet easily from Windows 10 and be able to connect from other devices. This is very useful if, for example, we have connected a Wi-Fi via USB adapter that receives mobile data. We can share that signal and allow other computers to connect in places where a wireless network is not available.

In this case we have to go to Start, we go to Settings, Network and Internet and now we click on Mobile wireless coverage area. It is one of the options that we will see in the section on the left. There, once we are inside, it will ask us to choose the network card from which we want to share the signal. We can share it if we are connected by cable or by Wi-Fi.

Internet Sharing in Windows 10

We have to give Share connection and later we will see an image like the one above. If we click on Edit we can change the name of the network, as well as put the password we want. It is important that the key is strong. It must contain letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols. All this in a random way and also we should not be using it in another place.

Once we give to share, we can connect from other devices easily. In this way we can take advantage of connectivity from a Windows 10 computer and be able to connect other devices. It is an alternative to what we mentioned at the beginning of the article.

In short, we can turn a Windows 10 computer into a repeater and be able to connect other devices. We have also explained how to share the connection easily. A fast process that is very useful in certain circumstances to be able to have a connection at all times.

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