Using Facebook is now as secure as WhatsApp, here’s why

keep the security when we use social networks or applications like WhatsApp, it is essential. Fortunately, in recent years there have been significant changes that have made the protection even greater. We are going to tell you in this article the last change that has taken place in Goalmore specifically when using Messenger, Facebook direct messaging. We are going to explain why it is now up to WhatsApp in terms of security, something highly demanded by many.

When you send a message over the Internet, you need to use secure means. Otherwise, they could exploit some vulnerability and see everything you’re sending. This is what can happen, for example, if you connect to a public Wi-Fi network and someone is spying on you. Hence, it is key to always use reliable services.

End-to-end encryption in Messenger

This novelty of Meta consists of introducing the end-to-end encryption in Messenger. It was something highly demanded by many users, since, unlike other applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, it lacked this function. With this, from Meta they intend to make their service much more reliable.

What does end-to-end encryption mean? Basically, it means that what you send will only be read by the recipient. Even Messenger, WhatsApp, or whatever app, wouldn’t be able to see what you’re sending. Of course, if there were intruders on a public network you were connected to, they won’t be able to spy on you either.

However, it should be noted that this is, for the moment, a Test phase. The company’s goal is to have it ready in the coming months, so that everyone can use it before the end of the year. In this way, it will catch up with WhatsApp and other services, at least in terms of this security feature.

For many, this announcement is a very important step for the meta security. An expected news, which will even cause users to switch to this service to further protect privacy and avoid problems. Just as you can send anonymous emails, you will be able to send fully encrypted direct messages.

Differences between blocking and data encryption

attacks can come

This feature is interesting, it makes Messenger be more secure, but that does not mean that there cannot be computer attacks. Be careful with this, since you can also be a victim of many strategies by hackers. They could find a way to steal your passwords and take control of the device.

A clear example are the Phishing attacks. In this case, it consists of receiving a message, which can be perfectly through Messenger, where you are invited to click on a link and carry out some action. That action can be to log in to a platform, download a file, send some type of information…

You can also be attacked by fake apps that pretend to be from Facebook, fraudulent updates, etc. It is necessary that you always take measures to prevent attacks of this type. You can count on a good antivirus, as well as having everything well updated. But the essential thing will always be to maintain common sense.

In short, as you can see Messenger is going to start encrypting direct messages. From Meta, they want to compare to WhatsApp and other messaging applications. It was something highly demanded by many users, since it is a function that improves security and avoids problems.

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