Using social networks and the internet is destroying the planet; discover how much your use pollutes

The Internet use and social networks is always associated as something ecological and non-polluting, but the reality is quite the opposite. And it is that in reality everything leaves a carbon footprint, but some pages or platforms pollute more to be able to maintain their activities and you will be surprised by what a couple of studies on this subject show.

Since 2009, Greenpeace has evaluated the largest internet companies on their energy transparency policies, commitment to renewable energy, mitigation of energy used, as well as their political impact. According to data from this agency, in Mexico, contamination from streaming content grew by 2020 87% , by Covid-19 pandemic.

How much pollution is using the most popular platforms?

Greenspector argues that the social networks that produce the most are TikTok, Reddit, and Pinterest. The least polluting social networks are Youtube, Twitch and Twitter. But on average they are generated 60 kilos of CO2 per person per year.

Recently, National Geographic collected that every minute 38 million WhatsApp messages are sent in the world, 266 thousand hours of Netflix are viewed, 4.3 million videos on YouTube and 3.7 million searches are carried out on Google, so the ecological footprint of digital traffic is approaching already to that of an air sector. In addition, according to Google itself, each search we carry out on the internet frees the environment 0.2 grams of CO2.

Experts consider that this issue should be more widely disseminated and governments should ask for regulations, so that companies use clean energy or present any alternative. Individually, they recommend that each person search the evaluations of the platforms they usually visit, to reconsider the time they spend on them due to their ecological consequences.


Can pollution trigger the risk of depression?


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