Venezuela, Cuba? … no, New York: empty shelves in the US due to shortages impact the world

The Covid-19 pandemic came to cause not only a worldwide health crisis, but also an economic one, So the world is restructuring the trade issue once again, but this has caused some countries, such as the United States, to have a shortage of products, a situation that puts Christmas gifts in a predicament.

In recent days some videos are circulating where you can see the New York stores with empty shelves due to supply problems to get the products to the United States and other countries that have a limited production and distribution process.

Unfortunately for Christmas lovers, since everything seems to indicate that they will not have much to choose from in stores due to the supply problem. Experts indicate that they hope that this problem can be restructured by 2022.

For now, the most important ports in the United States, Long Beach and Los Angeles seek to stay open 24/7 to have a better operation and with this stop the problems in the supply chain.

It could affect Mexico

The main problem in the United States has to do with local production and poor management of border bridges, so something like this could happen in Mexico, This is due to the fact that it not only affects the countries, but also the companies in charge of sending the products to the ports so that they can be sent to the different stores in each of the countries.

If we transfer this situation to the country, in Mexico there is already a shortage in products such as chips, but in the case of basic supplies, those that have to do with import issues could have a shortage, while in the national ones only if the companies saw the need to cut staff or economic crisis.

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