Very practical, this mobile Oceanic fan is at a low price during the sales

Arm yourself to face the summer heat with this OCEANIC mobile fan which is at a low price at Cdiscount as part of the 2022 summer sales. For only €23, you can afford this functional, efficient and easily transportable model.

Mother nature is acting up at the start of summer and temperatures can rise high in places. And if you arm yourself to face the heat? A fan can help you regain some comfort when the mercury rises. That’s good, Cdiscount offers a very practical vertical fan from the OCEANIC brand for less than 25 €.

This fan is a discreet model that measures only 80 cm in height. It will therefore easily slip into any room without being noticed too much and it is easily transported. Although it is vertical, its propellers oscillate horizontally from the inside to diffuse the air at an angle of 70°. Enough to cover a radius large enough to ventilate several people.

The fan has a power of 45W and you can modulate it on 3 levels: low, medium and fast. A 2-hour adjustable timer allows you to automatically turn it off after a certain number of minutes. For example, time to sink into your sleep. And that of course helps you save energy.

During the summer sales on Cdiscount, this OCEANIC fan is available at a price of €22.99, compared to around thirty euros in normal times. It’s an interesting rate to ventilate yourself when the need arises in these times.

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