VIDEO | NY police beat homeless man unconscious, no one helped him!

The video went viral on social media of the moment when a NYPD beat homeless man so hard that he knocks him unconscious on the floor. The recording has evidently caused outrage among users and human rights defenders Due to the brutality with which the uniformed man acted.

This video, which is no more than 40 seconds long, shows how a corpulent bald policeman has a man on the floor in a street situation who takes refuge with other people on the sidewalk of one of the streets of the popular Greenwich Village neighborhood. Although the subject tries to get up and defend himself, the policeman throws him away and begins to hit him harder and harder with his right fist.

At that moment another agent approaches, who one would think would intervene to separate them, but all he does is remove the pauper’s hands, which are on the men of the policeman who assaults him, and thus allow his partner to continue attacking the homeless man. , who is already lying on the ground.

This heinous act of abuse occurred before the gaze of the passers-by on MacDougal Street, where a homeless ‘camp’ is located. In the outrageous recording you can see how people yell and ask the policeman to stop hitting the man that he can no longer defend himself; However, in the comments many complain that nobody did anything to intervene and help the beating victim.

After the repeated punches that the policeman gave the man, he remains completely on the floor and no longer gets up. Is unconscious. Then one of the witnesses yells “He knocked him out, he doesn’t move!“as the abusive agent stands up and shakes the hand that seems to have been sore after the beating.

What is known about the policeman’s assault

It is not known for sure when the events occurred, but the video of the police abuse was uploaded to social networks between Thursday and Friday of this week. It is known that it took place in Greenwich Village, one of the neighborhoods that are fashionable in New York due to its large number of restaurants.

However, in the area it is also common to see homeless people taking refuge in groups on the sidewalks, as it happened in this case, since the policeman tried to evict the man that stays there in the absence of a decent home.

According to data from the New York Coalition for the Homeless (Coalition for the Homeless), in the Big Apple there are more and more homeless people who stay to sleep on the baquetos or under bridges because the municipal shelters are saturated.

In August of this year alone, the coalition reported that almost 48,000 homeless people were staying overnight in shelters established in NY, of which 14,881 were children.


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