We analyze the Newskill Fafnir chair, design and quality at a good price

Newskill Fafnir is the new chair that the Spanish brand has added to a catalog of peripherals and accessories that has not stopped growing in recent years. A mid-range model with a focus on Gamingbut which can also be used for any computer, professional or leisure activity.

We have already talked on several occasions about the need to balance the budget when designing a work or leisure position and to value the peripherals and accessories that we use. It is incongruous to spend a fortune on the internal components of a PC to achieve a handful more FPS or tenths of GHz and then neglect others that end up being very important. The most important in peripherals is undoubtedly the monitor, but we must not forget keyboards or mice that are ultimately the center of interaction with the personal computer.

Those of us who have worked long hours and for decades at a desk also know The importance of a good work chair. The same can be said of those gamers who spend endless sessions in front of the monitor with their favorite title. Both know that they should not skimp on the investment for comfort and health.

And it is that it will depend on her future health of our back, neck and lumbar; the comfort of use; productivity when we talk about work tasks or the general experience when we dedicate long sessions to our favorite games. Newskill has given us a unit of this Fafnir and here we leave you our impressions after trying it last week.

Newskill Fafnir, features

Newskill has a very complete set of chairs in its catalog to cover all market ranges. From the basic and economic “Nayuki” and “Eros”, to the most advanced “Neith Pro”, it will be difficult for a user not to find what they are looking for in terms of features, finishes and budgets.

The Newskill Fafnir is focused -like all the rest of the manufacturer- on the world of Gamingbut in this case it is “a model of professional style” which tells us that can be used equally for work or leisure. The chair is large, but not garish, in a size we think is ideal for use on any type of computer desk.

That concept of all terrain we also see it in a elegant overall design, but more discreet than the shocking of other Newskill chairs. The idea with this model has been that, to achieve a general appearance that allows it to fit in any environment.

The entire design is designed to improve ergonomics with a form of backrest suitable for any type of user. To appreciate that the upper part has extra padding that serves as an integrated cervical cushion, saving that Newskill and other manufacturers deliver separately in some of their models. Both the seat and the backrest are upholstered in breathable fabric, with colored details on the center band and seams.

The set is based on a reinforced metal base with five large wheels, while the height adjustment is quite wide and possible thanks to the included gas piston. It also has tilt support and fixed armrests in polycarbonate.

We leave you with a summary of their main specifications:

Brand and model Newskill Fafnir
Framework Steel
Base 320mm metal star design
supported weight up to 150kg
supported height Between 166 and 200cm
cover material Breathable fabric in various colors
Filling High density PU molded foam
armrests Yes, fixed.
Wheel Five 50mm wheels
height adjustment Class 4 gas spring, 80mm
full recline 150 degrees
Mechanism Butterfly
Warranty 36 months


Newskill delivers everything you need in a large package and well packed so that your components are not damaged during transport. Assembly is simple and complete in a few minutes. It can be done by one person, although if someone else helps, four hands are always better than two.

We look for a dependency with enough space to work comfortably and we place all the elements.

The manufacturer includes a sheet of paper as a guide for quick assembly and various tutorials available on the Internet. As you will see below, there is no greater difficulty than following the steps, starting by inserting the five pressure wheels into the star-shaped metal base to start the assembly, adding the gas piston and a small accessory that serves as a trim for it. .

We fix the height and inclination adjustment mechanism in the lower part of the seat with the four screws and using the Allen key also included.

We mount the armrests to the seat in the same way. We join the backrest to the seat with the corresponding screws and we practically have the chair assembled:

It only remains for us to join the seat-backrest assembly to the base by inserting it into the gas piston housing. Simple and fast as you have seen.

user experience

The Newskill Fafnir offers what we ask of a mid-range chair: comfortable to wear for long leisure/work sessions; with good protection for our suffering backs; robust from its base; with breathable materials of sufficient quality and visually attractive, which is another point that many users value.

Starting with the seat, it must be said that its surface is very comfortable and the breathable materials minimize the accumulation of heat and humidity with solvency. Its width of 50 cm and its depth of 47.5 cm are suitable for maintaining a comfortable and uniform posture.

The backrest is also correct, with the right height (78cm) and width (48cm) to provide support without restricting movement. The lumbar arch incorporated in the same chassis made of metal is firm and very well made so as not to need an additional accessory for the lower back, which could always be added in any case.

As is usual in all chairs, the hardness index of the seat is slightly lower than that of the backrest, seeking greater sensations of comfort, while its density is firmer, seeking greater solidity. The star-shaped metal base with five wheels offers a great sense of security to support several kilograms of weight.

The height adjustment It is required in any chair and in the Fafnir it is done from the typical lever located in the lower part of the seat. The adjustment is very simple and allows users of different heights to keep their feet on the ground without putting pressure on the lower part of the thighs. Its travel length is ample and makes the placement of an additional footrest unnecessary.

The chair can also be tip back releasing the mechanism located on the same lever that we use for height. The inclination depends on the pressure that the user makes backwards and is not adjustable in degrees. Normally, this capacity is something that is reserved for chairs of a higher range and price.

We liked the armrests less than the rest of the components. They are completely fixed, they cannot be adjusted and their polycarbonate material is of fair quality. Here it must be pointed out again that to get higher quality armrests that can be adjusted up and down, forward and backward, left and right, or turning in or out, you have to invest considerably more than you cost this model. It is clearly a section where Newskill has had to save in order to offer an adjusted sale price.

Finally, note that the chair it is very comfortable to useit feels very robust to withstand long gaming or work sessions, easy to adjust and visually attractive, both in terms of design and materials and details such as the finish of the textures in the color you have selected that give it that special touch of personality.

Availability and price

Newskill Fafnir is available at six different versions according to color finishes to adapt to the tastes of each user or to the configuration of the dependency where it will be installed. The manufacturer offers three versions based on black and details in red, green and blue; and the other three with a gray base and details in pink, white and gray.

The chair can be purchased now on the Newskill website for €149.95. It has free shipping and financing options in case you need it. Well built and finished, with a modern design, a look that will not clash on any desk and a moderate price for its features, it is a product to be valued for the demanding mid-range where the features/cost ratio is of great importance and here the Fafnir passes the test with flying colours.

We insist. Do not skimp when buying a battle chair, be it for games or any computer task. The comfort of use, the general experience and above all your health will thank you in the future.

Final assessment


Newskill Fafnir is a mid-range chair that the manufacturer focuses on Gaming, but that by design can be installed on any computer desk. Wide, comfortable and robust, it has an ergonomic design and breathable materials. It is distributed in six color finishes to choose from and its price is quite attractive for its characteristics.

build quality8

Solid and user experience8.5

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