We want a 28-inch iMac for this year!

iMac 24 inch

After the latest rumors about the possibility that Apple will delay the launch of the 28-inch iMac next year, many of Apple’s users are putting their hands directly on their heads about it. In this case it must be said that it is a rumor so there is nothing officially confirmed and evidently the Cupertino company does not say anything about it to maintain that uncertainty among users, leakers and the media.

In the most recent years the launches do not follow an order

It should be noted that Apple’s latest releases regarding the iMac lady are not in chronological order as such, that means that the company does not update the equipment during the same time and therefore it can suggest an imminent launch or quite the opposite, a later launch.

A few years ago Apple equipment was regularly renewed at the end of the year and sometimes we had launches during the month of May. But this what what yes it is something key in the launches of the iPhone it ceases to be so on Macs.

Remember that in May of this year the 24-inch iMac model with the M1 processor was launched and later an iPad with that same processor was launched, so everything suggested that the company was working on improving the M1 for the following Mac models. Now the rumors indicate that they would arrive with Intel processors and for next year …

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