5 Best WeTransfer Alternatives To Send Large Files [2020 List]

In this list, we gather some of the best alternatives of WeTransfer that work as a perfect replacement of this online data-sharing tool or can be used alongside.

One of the most recent options to send and receive information via the web is WeTransfer. It is an online platform that allows the exchange and storage of large information. It stands out for lacking the limitations that other systems such as email often have. And its operation is based on the cloud. In this list, we gather some of the best alternatives of WeTransfer that work as a perfect replacement of this online data-sharing tool or can be used alongside.

As many Internet users search for such sites or services, different alternatives have emerged. Although we are facing a complete platform, we are always looking for other options. Luckily the Internet offers a wide range to explore and choose from so you can send all kinds of heavy files.

List of Alternatives to WeTransfer for sending large files

Today, after almost ten years in operation, WeTransfer has become one of the most popular services. It is the favorite when sending large files. Among its main characteristics we have: it is free, easy to use, and generally almost never fails.

Keep in mind that if you want to send files larger than 2 GB in size, you cannot do it because of the free version. However, there are a number of options besides WeTransfer that work in the same way as this and do not place limits on the size of the file.

Next, we will describe in a brief and simple way the five best alternatives that the market offers in relation to WeTransfer. This group of platforms is Internet favorites:

Filemail WeTransfer alternative

1. Filemail

It is considered as the most experienced heavy shipping portal after WeTransfer. It started in 2008 as a very basic platform, which until now has not undergone major changes. It is important to bear in mind that when we enter your website we will find a mail manager. Here a series of fields must be filled out, including:

  • Recipient’s mail.
  • Sender’s mail.
  • Affair
  • Message

Also, two shipping options are offered, it all depends on the user’s needs. In other words, if we want to send a single file, we select the option «Send file». Whereas if we are going to send several, we choose the option «Send folder» from which we will link all the files to the mail. Once we have attached the files, the “Send” option will be activated. Its sending capacity is one of the largest, allowing the sending of files of up to 50 GB.

Other features include: the user can choose the number of days the link will be available, with a maximum of 7 days. In addition, the service can notify you when the recipient downloads the files.

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Ydray online file transfer

2. Ydray

This file delivery system was developed in Spain. It is considered one of the most competitive free platforms when it comes to sending large files. Among its main characteristics we have:

  • Sending files with a maximum of up to 5 GB.
  • Allow a maximum of up to 20 recipients per shipment.

As for the number of files sent per transfer, it is capped at up to 50. Also, you don’t need to register to use it. And even the files will be available for download for a maximum of 7 days, not including shipping.

Smash WeTransfer alternative file transfer online

3. Smash

Smash’s main feature is simplicity in its design. So your web page contains only a large “S” in its design. However, it allows the sending of large files. To use this service, it is necessary to click on the “S” and choose the file we want to send. Then, it will tell us that we must place the recipient, as well as the message we want to add and the personalized URL.

It should be noted that this shipping option has other service offers. These include: customizing the page that will include the file, this in order to download or add a password. It is characterized by having a fairly updated design.

In addition to being quite personalized and lacking limitations regarding the size of the files. As for the download time of the link, like the other platforms, it is 7 days. And all using a plan that is completely free.

MyAirBridge file transfer

4. MyAirBridge

Another online platform that has been designed for exchanging files in a simple way. No application or cloud services are necessary for its use. Its operation consists of sending a file to another user, by means of an email message. A download link can also be used.

Among the advantages of this transfer service, we can mention: it allows the user to send files of up to 20 GB. However, its most notable disadvantage is the length of the download links. They only stay for three days.

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TransferNow file transfer online wetransfer-alternative

5. TransferNow

This is the most current alternative that has been presented to WeTransfer. It is characterized by allowing data transfers of up to 4 GB. It does not show limitations in terms of the number of files. And it allows you to include a maximum of 20 recipients per shipment.

In addition, it offers the option of scheduling both the send date and the expiration date of a transfer. It should be noted that the links have a maximum duration of 7 days, and they are also customizable. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of this service has to do with the number of daily transfers. Since it only allows five transfers per day.

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