Be careful if you save your passwords in this famous key manager

To avoid intruders in our accounts, something fundamental is to use a good password. However, it is not always easy to remember all of them and sometimes we make the mistake of creating the same one for several accounts or using simple words and digits. To avoid this, the solution is to use a key manager. One of the most popular is RememBearbut it will close soon and it is important that users take it into account.

RememBear closes

We can say that RememBear is one of the password managers More popular. It has many users since it was launched in 2017, although a year later it was acquired by McAfee. But now he is going to put an end to his journey. Specifically in July 2023 it will close.

This means that users who have their passwords stored there will have to look for a new one. If this is your case, you will have to go to the RememBear application, either on Windows or macOS, and export the usernames and passwords. That database will be stored in a .CSV file and you will be able to migrate it to another key manager. You can choose from some of the best password managers.

But you don’t need to do it right away. As we have mentioned, it still has a year left until it closes definitively. Once that time passes, then you could have a major problem by not being able to manage your access codes as you have done so far.

Why has RememBear come to this situation? Despite being well known for its VPN, as indicated have not had the expected growth in terms of users. They have seen that it has stagnated and what they did not want was to stop the development of the software and make users have an obsolete program, which could have vulnerabilities. For this reason they have decided to close completely and thus avoid security problems. In fact, they have already stopped selling the Premium version and those who have recently purchased the product will receive a refund.

Why a key manager is important

Without a doubt, password managers are very useful today. We have more and more online services that we use in our day to day. For example, social networks, email accounts, online forums in which we register… The ideal is to have a password for each case. But in addition, that key must be random and have all kinds of symbols, letters and numbers to be secure.

To keep that security and have no problems, it’s a very good idea to use a key manager. This will allow us to store them and be able to use them anywhere. Some allow online synchronization, while others are offline and can only be accessed from one device.

Now, just as we say that it is important to have a key manager, it is also important to use a good one. It is not enough to install the first one you see on the Internet, since your data could be in danger. Safety is essential and should be maintained at all times.

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