What Arcane is about, the League of Legends series that unseated The Squid Game on Netflix

Lately, the series on Netflix have given much to talk about, being the most recent successes the series of The Squid Game, which generated such a sensation on the internet, hundreds of memes, as well as costumes, masks and other objects that contributed to upload its popularity level, which lasted just under a month.

Now, Arcane, the new video game series based on the universe of League of Legends, has managed to remove the crown from The Squid Game, becoming the most viewed series on the streaming platform, in just under a week. But what made this series become such a hit?

After its long-awaited announced, it finally premiered, last week, Arcane, a series that originally expected its debut on the small screen sometime in 2020. However, due to pandemic issues and other setbacks, it was launched in November 2021.

What is Arcane about?

The series tells the story of Jinx Vi, characters from the acclaimed video game League of Legends. In this production the childhood of these characters will be explored a little more, all this happens in Piltover, the city of progress as well as technology, Zaun will also be shown among other emblematic places of this title available on consoles.

Currently, in the plot of the video game Jinx and Vi They are arch enemies and are always fighting, so it is very interesting to know the past of both to understand the present of Jinx, one of the most wanted criminals in the city and Vi is the sheriff who persecutes her.

What is the reason for Arcane’s success?

The success behind this series could be due to two main factors, the first of which is that League of Legends It is one of the most played video games today, with a strong presence in several countries of the world, since it is also worth mentioning that it is a free video game.

The second reason could be in the study behind its development and animation, which has been the same one that designed the cinematics of Get Jinxed !, RISE and the video clip of K / D / A.

Special events

The series comes hand in hand with some special Skins for League of Legends, there will even be some mara Teamfight Tactics too. This production has reached number one in 38 countries, such as Argentina, France and Russia, in Mexico it is in the first positions, in relation to the time and popularity of the Squid Game, this series has far surpassed it and it is expected that soon in more countries it is number 1 in views.

Where and when to see the Arcane series?

Arcane it was released last week with an initial run of 7 episodes, each week new chapters will be gradually released. It is expected that by the end of November everyone will be ready on Netflix, but for now all those who have premiered have quickly become popular.


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