What devices can you connect to PLCs and have better Internet

Connect wired devices to PLCs

The PLC devices They work through the power line. Normally there are two: one of them connects to the router and to electricity, while the other connects to a socket elsewhere in the house. In this way they can transmit the Internet from one place to another and we can connect other devices.

What devices does it support? The truth is that you can connect any device that supports Ethernet ports. If you are going to connect devices by cable, you must make sure that the device you are going to connect supports it. Not all are compatible, as for example we could mention a mobile.

However, the range of possibilities is very wide. you can connect computers, televisions, game consoles, video players… They are devices that have an Ethernet port, either Gigabit or Fast Ethernet, and therefore you will be able to connect them by cable to the PLC and achieve good Internet speed.

Therefore, if you need to connect any of these devices that have an Ethernet port to the Internet and you see that they are very far from the router, a good solution is PLC devices. You will be able to transfer the signal from one point to another in the house with hardly any loss, since it uses the electrical wiring.

Wi-Fi connected devices

But if we think about how we connect today, the truth is that in most cases we do it by Wifi. Not all PLCs are compatible with the wireless network, so you must make sure to choose devices that are, in order to expand the possibilities to connect devices to the network.

In this case the range of options is very wide. You will be able to connect practically any device to the PLCs via Wi-Fi. Think of a mobile phone, a tablet, a television, a computer and any of the many Internet of Things devices that support wireless connections.

The wireless networks They offer many possibilities to connect devices and if you see that the coverage that reaches you from the router is very weak or you are even in a dead zone where nothing arrives, by using PLC devices you will significantly improve the quality of the signal and you will have more options for connect with good speed.

It is important that you make sure that the PLC devices have a good speed and that they have double band and a good top speed. If you buy devices that are limited to 500 Mbps, for example, you will not be able to take full advantage of your fiber optic rate in case you have something else contracted.

In short, as you have seen, you can connect many types of devices to PLCs. You can do it both wired and Wi-Fi. They are very useful devices to improve the signal and solve coverage problems and loss of speed when surfing the net.

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