What is a SCUF controller? 2021

SCUF creates custom controllers for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles designed for competitive games . SCUF markets its drivers with the claim that their proprietary rear bumper technology gives gamers a competitive advantage. But what is a SCUF controller? Do they really make you a better player? Let’s find out.

What is a SCUF controller?

¿Qué es un controlador SCUF? Aplicaciones Android

A SCUF controller is a controller of third-party, custom-designed and easily modifiable offering additional buttons that are useful in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games. At first glance, SCUF controllers may not look that different from a standard PlayStation or Xbox controller. Unless you get a custom design, the faceplates are essentially the same.

The small changes SCUF makes are where the visual differences begin. For example, instead of placing the standard PlayStation or Xbox logo in the center of each controller, SCUF includes its own custom logo on certain models .

On some of SCUF’s PlayStation 4 controllers, such as the SCUF Impact, instead of the typical PlayStation button symbols, leave the buttons blank.

The rear of the controller is where you will see most of the differences from a standard controller. SCUF equips all of its controllers with rear paddles that perform the actions typically assigned to the front buttons like jumping or crouching. SCUF also allows custom paint jobs to customize each controller.

What can SCUF controllers do?

What sets SCUF controllers apart is customization. Unlike conventional offerings, SCUF controllers are fully customizable out of the box.

SCUF builds its controllers with convenience in mind. The SCUF controllers allow you to change the analog sticks, the shape of the D-Pad, and the triggers on the back of the controller. The only official controller that allows this level of customization is the Xbox Elite controller.

Customizable analog sticks provide gamers with added convenience during prolonged gaming sessions. Instead of finding your thumbs slipping off the controller during a heated shootout, a textured grip makes precise control that much easier. An interchangeable D-pad makes selecting through menu options faster and more convenient, especially with the optional circular design.

Customization doesn’t stop with the face of the controller . Each SCUF controller comes with paddles on its back. Paddles are essentially programmable buttons that expand your gaming options.

¿Qué es un controlador SCUF? Aplicaciones Android

The paddle system takes advantage of the fingers on the back of your controller that aren’t doing anything. Instead of taking your thumbs off the analog sticks, you can use the back paddles for in-game actions.

A common paddle layout will assign paddle one to crouch, paddle two assigned to swap weapons, paddle three assigned to reload and paddle four assigned to jump.

The paddle tennis system can give you an advantage in shooting or fighting games where decision-making in a split second leads to life or death. Instead of having to release your thumb and try to duck and cover in a shootout, you can use a paddle on the back of your controller.

The firing system also deserves special attention. SCUF designed their triggers to have modifiable sensitivities appropriate to the game you are playing.

SCUF’s adjustable hair triggers allow you to use an accessory that comes with the controller to adjust the trigger. You can even set up a digital trigger system that will mimic a mouse click for instant reactions. SCUF also includes trigger extenders for people with big hands.

SCUF controller remapping

As with remapping an official Xbox controller, remapping the button layout of your SCUF controller is simple with the SCUF customization app.

To use it, connect your SCUF controller to your PC with a micro USB cable and launch the application. Once the application detects your driver, it will give you full access to your software package.

¿Qué es un controlador SCUF? Aplicaciones Android

You can fully customize the palettes and assign them to any game action you want . Analog sticks can have their custom dead zones to change how much or how little stick movement is required before the game detects your actions.

The vibration settings are customizable, allowing players to increase or decrease the amount of vibration they feel. SCUF also offers an option to save profiles, with fifteen spaces that allow you to create custom layouts for each game you play.

Disadvantages of SCUF controllers

While SCUF controllers work and have benefits, they also have drawbacks. You cannot turn on your console with a SCUF controller, turn on your console using its power button. While it’s not the end of the world, when you pay a premium, certain features should be standard.

Unfortunately, while SCUF’s features are great and may work well, they don’t always work the way they are. I expected. Bluetooth connectivity is not always effective . When Bluetooth is not working, please connect the controller via micro-USB cable.

Button designs are not always saved correctly in your profile settings, so it is possible that you need to reconfigure its layout after games. Stick drift can also cause problems in activities that require precise movements.

Durability is also a concern because the rear paddles may randomly break or stop working. If SCUF considers the problem to be covered under warranty, you will get a replacement. But if SCUF feels the problem drops from general wear and tear, you should buy a new controller.

Taken on their own, these issues may seem miniscule or like something that can be fixed with a software update. But when you pay $ 150 or more for a controller that is at least twice the price of a normal PlayStation or Xbox controller, these issues are worth mentioning.

Do SCUF drivers become a better player?

SCUF controllers and feature sets can be extremely helpful, but it’s important to know that extra buttons don’t make you a better player . Being able to swipe without taking your finger off the trigger is a wonderful addition to a shooting game. But having adjustable rear bumpers or triggers does not improve the quality of your aim or your knowledge of the maps you’re playing on.

SCUF controllers are optional accessories that give you the ability to do things you couldn’t do in a standard controller. SCUF controllers don’t make you a better gamer, it just removes some annoying gaming limitations .

¿Qué es un controlador SCUF? Aplicaciones Android

Is it worth investing in SCUF drivers?

SCUF controllers offer a gaming experience unmatched by other third-party competitors and official controllers. Long-term durability is an issue, but while the paddles are in great shape, they are absolutely revolutionary.

SCUF makes the best custom controllers on the market. SCUF controllers may not be for everyone due to the high price, and they definitely can’t fix poor aim, but paddles are useful enough to be worth the price of admission .


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