What is a Wi-Fi repeater, how to use it and when is it the best option?

The Wi-Fi repeater is a device that is designed to extend a wireless Internet connection in an easy and secure way. It is also a very economical option, since the prices of this type of solution have been reduced considerably in recent years, and today it is possible to find different models with prices that are within reach of almost any pocket.

How does a Wi-Fi repeater work?

This device plugs into a socket to directly get the power it needs to work. Once connected and turned on, it is necessary to link it to the Wi-Fi network of our router. For it, the easiest is to use WPS system since, with the press of a button, we can establish that link between the two automatically.

Once the link has been established, it will start repeating the Wi-Fi signal it will receive from the router, and will amplify it through its own antennae so that it reaches areas that previously would have been impossible to reach. It is important to note that although the Wi-Fi repeater works by repeating the router’s signal, the router may have its own security settings.

It is also important to keep in mind that, as these devices They depend directly on the signal they receive from the router, They have to be at a safe distance from it. If we place the repeater too far from the router, it will not receive the signal with sufficient intensity, and therefore it is likely that it will not be able to repeat it well.

WIFI repeater

On the other hand, the repeater also has a limited range, and since it works by repeating a Wi-Fi signal it is will be affected by distance, obstacles and sources of interference to which it is exposed. The placement is, therefore, very important, and we must be careful if we want to get a good user experience with this type of device.

When is the best option?

We can say that, as a general rule, a Wi-Fi repeater will be the best option to extend the range of a wireless network. when we want to cover a wide area that is not too far away, and in which there are also not too many obstacles or sources of interference. It is also the best solution when we are going to mainly use multiple mobile devices that will connect wirelessly.

Imagine, for example, that you want extend the range of your Wi-Fi connection to the garden at home. You have the router near the living room, so the signal will only have to go through a passageway and the kitchen. In this scenario, a Wi-Fi repeater would be a good option, both for distance and obstacles and for the use you are going to give it, since in the garden you will mainly use smartphones, tablets and laptops.

In cases where the distance is highand on top of that they meet along the way obstacles and sources of interference, you should resort to a PLC with a Wi-Fi repeater. If you are only going to connect to the Internet via cable with one or two devices (a console and a PC, for example), a standard PLC would be the most appropriate solution.

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