What is the best electric scooter to buy in 2021?

The offer of 100% electric scooters is increasingly sluggish. Numerama regularly tests the latest models available in France. We have selected the most interesting electric scooters in 2021, based on their price, speed and driving pleasure. From Super Soco to Niu via Go2Roues models: here are the most interesting electric two-wheelers currently.

They are everywhere, in private homes or in self-service: 100% electric scooters are more and more numerous on the roads of large, medium and small towns, responding to a new growing need for alternative solutions to machines with considerable emissions of CO2. The coronavirus pandemic has notably prompted many urbanites to flee the metro to seek alternative mobility solutions.

At one time, the majority of the two or three electric wheels available on the market accessible to individuals did not exceed the equivalent of a thermal 50cc. Now, in mid-2021, the offer has diversified, and there are both small models with large autonomy (in particular thanks to two batteries) as well as larger two-wheelers that rely on very powerful batteries. heavy, or even loading only via an earth connection.

To choose the electric scooter that suits you, we advise you to take a good look at the price, the speed of the machine and theautonomy drums. Depending on the horsepower of the engine and batteries, government premiums will also vary. In addition, we remind you that it is possible to ask to test vehicles before purchase: do not hesitate to contact the dealers.

The State, the region and the city also offer several ecological bonuses which will allow you to have access to interesting financial aid. Follow our guide.

The good price-performance ratio

Super Soco Cu-x: the benchmark that ages well

The Super Soco Cu-x was our favorite of this first half of 2019 in terms of scooters – but in terms of motorcycles, the brand has also conquered us with its TC Max equivalent to 125. For now, they are little to s ‘to be raised to his level. Small and very manoeuvrable, light but without having a “toy” effect, it has many qualities that make it the best electric urban scooter we have tested.

The range is very good for a city two-wheeler, the acceleration is enough not to feel in danger at traffic lights, and its battery has the good taste of being transportable (unlike some equivalents, like the Niu M +, where the weight is immediately felt much more when you have to climb several floors). It can be found from 2,690 euros.

Max speed : 50 km / h

Autonomy : 60-70 km

Full recharge : 8 hours

Passenger in the back : Yes

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The equivalent : If we praised the merits of Unu a year ago, it is clear that the model has since been overtaken by others. A new version, announced very powerful, is scheduled for spring 2020.

NIU M +: the good second

The Niu M + scooter is the one you will come across the most in the street: very popular, it has very good arguments, such as its lightness (65kg all wet) and its sporty look (if you like the genre).

Its three modes of acceleration and speed are welcome, but we will rarely use the first, which tops out at 18km / h. However, we prefer the Super Soco for small details: its battery is a little heavier, the seat is really curled up and the rear wheel tends to skid in the event of very dry braking. It can be found from 2,599 euros.

Max speed : 48-49 km / h

Autonomy : 75-80 km announced

Full recharge : 6 hours

Passenger in the back : Yes

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The “beautiful but expensive” range

Unu 2021

You like style above all and you are ready to pay the price: the new scooter from the Berlin brand Unu will be for you. In addition to its look which makes it the most beautiful electric scooter currently on the French market, it embeds some appreciable innovations, such as removable batteries that are loaded on blocks, making it possible to ignore bulky cables.

However, the Unu is really expensive: it takes more than 4,000 euros to have a range just correct (2 times 40 km), which is the price of an equivalent scooter 125, while it is limited to 45 km / h.

Max speed : 45 km / h

Autonomy : Between 40 and 45 km with one battery, 80 km with two batteries

Full recharge : 7 hours for a battery on the base

Passenger in the back : Yes

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Long journeys

Rider Ng: quiet strength

The Rider Ng has many assets to become one of the benchmarks in the electric maxi-scooter market, with its motor power of 8000W minimum and a battery capacity of 10kWh. Its strength is both the record range (count almost 200 km on a charge) and its stability in acceleration: you start slowly but you feel all the power of the machine as you advance .

Its weakness is the absence of a removable battery, which means having an accessible socket (a classic 220V is enough), on a terminal or a garage, to recharge the scooter.

Max speed : 125 km / h

Autonomy : More than 180 km

Full recharge : 6.30am

Passenger in the back : Yes

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Super Soco CPx: the most complete

The best value for money

Even if you don’t appreciate the sporty look of the new Super Soco, take the time to look at its features, which make it one of the most essential 125 equivalents of 2020. Available since July 2020 in France, the Super Soco CPx is a fast (90km / h), agile and responsive electric scooter, which can have an impressive range of 140 km when it has two batteries. Please note, each battery is heavy (18kg), but it is possible to recharge them one at a time.

Max speed : 90 km / h

Autonomy : 70 km (one battery) to 140 km (2 batteries)

Full recharge : 2.5 hours

Passenger in the back : yes, a lot of space

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Rider 5000: fast and furious, with style

This is one of our favorites in the 125 equivalent of the beginning of 2020: the Rider 5000 from Go2Roues is a pleasure to drive while being one of the rare electric scooters to combine speed and style. It goes up to 90 km / h (its strength), but its battery will hardly last more than a day if you travel on portions of the road at more than 50 km / h (its weakness). In addition, said removable battery approaches 18 kg, which is very heavy to transport. If you have a cellar or a ground floor, you can plug it directly into a 220V outlet.

Max speed: 90 km / h

Range: 60 km

Full charge: 6-8 hours

Rear passenger: yes, no problem

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Niu NQi GTS Sport: the cheapest of the fast electric scooters

Niu’s new scooter does not go as fast as the other 125 equivalents on the market: it tops out at around 74km / h, but manages to offer this speed for the very advantageous price of 3,599 euros. While its predecessor, the NGT, is 1000 euros more expensive, it has almost all the same characteristics, with larger tires (14 ”). The difference is palpable on the range: count less than 100 km per charge, and especially the obligation to simultaneously recharge the 2 batteries of 12 kg each.

Max speed : 74 km / h

Autonomy : 80 to 100 km

Full recharge : 5h

Passenger in the back : Yes

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