What is the ERP that SMEs need?

Most companies have an ERP. But do they really have the ERP they need? The truth is that the mere fact of having management software business not always it is synonymous with having digitized effectively.

Many companies adopted an ERP system years ago. These are usually programs that do not adapt to today’s technological changes. They do not take into account realities such as cloud computing, nor do they integrate with eCommerce, nor do they facilitate scalability. They are rigid and inflexible tools, which tend to become obsolete as they do not have a guarantee of technological evolution.

To respond to this problem, at Zucchetti Spain we have two solutions: Solmicro ERPone of the most complete and advanced business management software on the market, and the ERP in the cloud, magecloudwith which SMEs that operate in highly digital contexts can easily tackle their digitization.

Solmicro ERP, a flexible, customizable and integrable solution

The Solmicro ERP solution responds to a very current problem for companies. It is an ERP software with a very visual and intuitive interface, customizable and flexible, so it adapts to the maximum to any business, without having to change the program after a few years.

It has everything in one integrated tool: administration and finance, sales and marketing, CRM, warehouse and logistics management, cost control, Business Intelligence, POS system, product configurator, EDI system for the exchange of information between companies, ELM virtual reality program, etc., etc. In addition, it is compatible with the rest of Zucchetti Spain solutions, such as the Zucchetti HR Human Resources suite or the MES software for production planning and control, as well as with other software solutions from other manufacturers with which the company already operates. .

Solmicro ERP has a horizontal or general solution that covers the management needs common to most businesses; unlike other programs, we can access the source code to customize it and adapt it to our needs. We also have specific solutions for different sectors, with 10 vertical solutions that cover the specific needs of these sectors of activity.

MagoCloud, the cloud solution for your SME

The cloud has greatly facilitated the digitization of companies. MagoCloud is Zucchetti Spain’s cloud ERP solution, especially designed for SMEs that operate in highly digital contexts.

It saves time and implementation costs, since it is software as a service (you do not need to install it locally). Likewise, the security and integrity of the data is guaranteed.

In conclusionboth solutions help address the digital transformation of the company with a flexible, customizable and cutting-edge tool, equipped with the most current technologies.


Article extracted from the III edition of the Easy&Smart 2022 Software Guide.

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