What is the use of having and using the cloud on your mobile?

The use of the cloud is something that has increased considerably in recent years. We have many platforms available, such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. We can use them both on computers and mobile devices and their use is very simple. In this article we will talk about why it is interesting use the cloud on mobile and what it contributes to our day to day.

Why use the cloud on the phone

You may be wondering if you really need to use any cloud platform on your mobile devices or if it’s a computer thing and you won’t find it useful. But the truth is that you will be able to use these services. We are going to explain some reasons with which you can even improve security.

Create backups

The first thing you can do when using the cloud on your mobile is to be able to create backup copies. This is very useful for not lose information and not have problems in case you suffer a cyber attack or if you mistakenly delete a folder with documents that you will need later.

Thanks to the cloud you will be able pass files in a timely manner or even schedule automatic backups so as not to lose information on your devices at any time. In addition, these copies will always be available to you in case a problem arises and you will not depend on other teams.

free up space

It is also very useful for free up mobile space. It is a fact that sometimes the storage memory falls short and that means that we cannot save so many images or videos and we have to delete something. This is going to cause limitations and even have to eliminate things that we may need in the future.

By having the cloud we can free up space at any time. It is simply enough to upload the files and we will quickly see that our mobile has available space again and without fear of having to delete documents and not being able to recover them in the future.

Share files between devices

Another reason to use the cloud on mobile devices is that we will be able to share files between devices. For example, transfer images or videos from the mobile to the computer in a simple and fast way. You will not have to connect cables and it is not necessary that they are connected to the same network.

Basically what we do with this is upload the content to a device, which would be the mobile in this case, and download those files from another computer and store them in the internal memory to be able to use them normally.

Send large documents to another person

Furthermore, sending large documents you will be able to do it thanks to the cloud. Instead of being limited to what email or instant messaging applications like WhatsApp allow, you will simply have to upload the files to the cloud, for example to Google Drive, and send the corresponding link to the other person.

Through that link you will be able to access the file or folder full of documents that you have uploaded to the Internet and be able to download everything. It is a quick and simple process, in addition to maintaining security at all times and preventing problems from appearing. Of course, it is important to share files in the cloud safely.

In short, as you have seen, using the cloud on mobile devices is something very interesting. You have a large number of options available and you will only have to choose the one that best suits what you need and start using the service to share documents, create backup copies or simply free up space on your phone.

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