What Siri can do when the iPhone has no internet

Commands to use with Siri without internet

As standard, Siri is capable of performing many actions without having a WiFi or mobile data connection. And they are fundamentally those that already do not require the assistant to consult data on the network. For example for make voice calls to any of your contacts, in the same way that you can set alarms or add reminders. Although, yes, for the latter you will have to have a network again to synchronize with iCloud.

You can also change some parameters of the iPhone relative to certain settings, such as activating dark mode or asking you to activate or deactivate Bluetooth. Open apps It will also be in the hands of Siri, although it will be of little use to open them if you require internet. You can also talk to the assistant in a normal way asking him for some classics as you tell a joke.

It should be noted that you can invoke the assistant through the corresponding button assigned for it or through the now legendary voice command “Hey Siri” followed by the action you want to ask. There are several more actions that you can ask of it, although you should always have the latest version of iOS to ensure that Siri is already fully functional in these actions when you do not have internet.

What the wizard won’t be able to do offline

However, that Siri does not work for you on the iPhone for some actions is even understandable, since they still need an internet connection for this. Some of the actions that cannot be carried out are asking the assistant to make a call via Facetime or tell you How is the weather. The first of them for obvious reasons, since they are calls that are made via the internet, while the second is because the assistant collects the weather data of the app from online sources.

siri without internet

You will also not be able to execute commands related to accessories HomeKit, since it is even necessary that you be on the same WiFi network as these. Nor will you be able to ask him to play a certain song from a streaming platform and not even having it downloaded. And, as is obvious, neither query that requires Siri to use the network, as is a demographic data of a city, the age of a famous person and a long etcetera.

In any case, we believe it is remarkable that the assistant is finally able to function without internet. Some of the actions that we mentioned in the first section are too simple to require having internet on the iPhone to execute them. Therefore, even if it took a few years, better late than never.

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