What to do if a computer does not work over a network cable

If you see that the problem continues, what you can do is follow the same process but this time you give disable controller. In this way you will force Windows to reinstall them again and correct possible problems that may exist. If, for example, you have recently updated the system and it has generated a conflict, you can solve it in this way.

cable in poor condition

It is also possible that the network cable you are using has a problem. If you connect the computer to the router or to a network extender wired but you see that it does not connect correctly and you do not have Internet, it is one more reason that you must take into account and solve in order to connect.

A network wire can deteriorate. For example if you have removed it by pulling and a connector has broken. It may not even work if it is very old, you have stored it in a bad way and it has been bent, etc. In this case we would be facing a physical problem with the cable itself and that would be the reason why it does not work.

However, there is an option where you may have access to the wired network but it is very limited. Why could this happen? It is common if you use an old network cable. In this case, you may be using a Fast Ethernet cable, so it will be limited to 100 Mbps. Ideally, you should use a cable that is at least CAT 5e and can reach speeds of up to 1 Gbps. If it is CAT 6 or higher, the better.

Network card failure

Of course, another reason is that there is something wrong with the network card. Laptops and desktop computers usually have an internal card where we can connect Ethernet cables and access the Internet without having to resort to wireless connections. If something doesn’t work, there would be a problem.

In this case, it may be an internal problem with the card, but it could also be external to the Ethernet port. For example, the part that connects to the cable may have broken after having given some pull. In this case, if we are facing a physical problem of this type, there will be no choice but to change the card.

configuration error

One more option is that there is some problem in the Ethernet network card configuration. This can cause it to malfunction and cause problems. If you have touched something in the network settings in Windows, maybe that is the reason. But it can also happen that you have updated the system and there is a problem or even a virus that can affect some parameters of the connection.

To solve this problem you can go to Start, enter Settings and go to Network and Internet. There you enter Advanced network settings, More network adapter options, Internet Protocol version 4 and go to Properties. There you check that both the IP and the DNS are properly configured. Try to get them automatically.

Configure Ethernet cable

You can also click on Configure, Advanced Options, Speed ​​& Duplex and check that it is checked in Full Duplex 1 Gbps. This way you can reach maximum speed and you will not be limited.


The router is not working properly

You should also check that the router works correctly. Maybe the problem comes from there and you can’t connect a computer by Ethernet cable because the router port is malfunctioning and you can’t connect to it. It may be due to a physical problem. Here you will have a couple of options to see what can happen.

The first option is simply switch to another router port. Normally you will have several ports available and you just have to connect the Ethernet cable to a different one. Works correctly? In that case you can rule out problems on the computer and you would see that it is an error with that particular port.

Another step you can take is try another device connected to the router by cable. If it still doesn’t work properly, it could indeed be a problem with your router. You could rule out a specific failure of that PC.

What to do if there is no Ethernet port

After explaining why a computer via Ethernet cable does not work and what are the main steps you can take, we are going to see the case that it does not have an Ethernet port or it is damaged. It is quite common nowadays, but luckily we can easily solve it and be able to navigate by cable.

It may happen that you have bought a laptop and see that does not have ethernet port. This is especially the case when it comes to a small team. Today wireless connections have improved a lot and that makes many manufacturers decide to do without Ethernet ports to save components and also reduce space.

Another reason is that directly that Ethernet port no longer work. For example if you have yanked the cable and the connector has broken or due to a problem with the internal card. You connect the cable and see that you do not have Internet.

To solve this that we mentioned, what you can do is use an Ethernet network card via a USB port. Basically it is an external device that you are going to connect to a compatible port and in this way you will be able to have an external card to connect the computer by Ethernet cable. It is important that you choose the card well and that it is Gigabit Ethernet.

In short, as you can see, you may sometimes have problems connecting a computer via network cable. We have explained some points to take into account and what you should do to solve it. It is important to keep the devices in good condition and this also includes the network card itself.

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