How do I keep my home clean and disinfected? These devices and applications would be of great help to you

We know that you spend a large part of your time on work and family. To make your life easier, the real estate portal shared a short list of gadgets and apps that will help you keep your house clean and disinfected.

Reasons to make technology your ally

Automating and making cleaning processes more efficient are the main benefits you have when using gadgets and applications in your home, indicates Leonardo Gozález, Real Estate analyst at

According to him, they also improve the housing climate and provide quality of life. To enjoy these and other advantages, some devices that you can use in your home are:

Vacuum cleaner with WiFi connection


If you have pets or carpet, this device is ideal to say goodbye to dust, hair and dirt.

Through its smart sensors, WiFi connection and rubber brushes, it cleans surfaces. In addition, it is designed to get into corners, under and around furniture.

A plus is that from an application you program and monitor the sessions. This allows you to clean without having to be at home.

Smart air purifier


Even if you don’t notice it, allergens and pollutants accumulate in your home. In addition, there are materials, floors or plants that release microscopic particles and gases. However, you can lessen this with a smart air purifier.

How does it work? From one application you purify, humidify, ventilate and adapt the air in your home to your needs and those of your family. It is even useful to combat allergies or respiratory problems such as asthma. Also, it eliminates pollen and mites.

Window cleaner


With this device, dust, fingerprints and watermarks on windows are a thing of the past.

Although there are several styles, sizes, and prices, they work almost exactly the same way. Using suction cups and an absorption system, you fix the robot to the glass. Then you move it in different directions and clean wherever you want.

You can place it on glass doors, tables, walls, floors, and tall buildings. Also, in different types of glass. A plus is that its connection can be wired or wireless.

Robot for toilet


Did you ever think that a device could clean the toilet for you? This is already possible with this robot.

Through circulatory and undulatory movements it reaches the edge, the interior and the lower part of the seat. Thus, in five minutes it eliminates germs and guarantees the hygiene of the toilet.

In addition, its size and material allow it to be installed in toilets of any size and to apply various cleaning fluids.

Another advantage is that, unlike the conventional brush, this device does not get dirty and does not cause splashes.

Applications that make your life easier

Clean My House and Tody are used to organize and assign cleaning tasks to your family members. You can do it by day, week or month. Also, schedule deadlines and, if the activity requires it, activate the timer.

If you do not have time for cleaning and you prefer to hire someone you trust, there is Aliada. The main service includes sweeping, mopping and dusting. However, you also have the option of cooking, washing and ironing clothes. According to their website, at the moment they only operate in Mexico City and the metropolitan area, but they plan to reach the entire country. Remember that a clean home, in addition to being hygienic, is kept in good condition. This, in the long run, makes it easier to rent or sell it.


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