What to do if Dropbox doesn’t sync well and crashes

But there is a cause that is related to different files that cannot be synced with Dropbox. For example temporary files created by applications, such as Microsoft Word, as well as files containing symbolic links, shortcuts, etc. In these cases we could not do anything.

Dropbox vulnerability

How to solve it

We are going to show some essential steps that we must take to try to solve the problem. dropbox sync error. Depending on the reason why it is not working well for you, you can solve it with one of these simple methods that we explain. No need to install anything additional.

Check internet connection

The first thing you should do is see if there is a problem with the Internet connection. Especially if you are connected by Wi-Fi, it is likely that the coverage does not arrive well or some error has appeared that prevents the signal from being optimal and can cause continuous cuts or slow browsing.

If you see that Dropbox does not sync because the signal is not good, you can always try to connect by cable. In this way it will work better, more stable and you will also be able to have more speed to upload or download files without so many problems.

However, you can always also use a repeater, Mesh system or PLC devices to improve the wireless signal. This way you will be able to receive the signal from other locations in the house and correct the dead zones where the coverage does not reach or is so weak that it causes errors of this type.

Reboot the system

Another very simple step if you see that Dropbox does not synchronize well is simply restart the system. It doesn’t matter if you are using Windows or any other operating system. Sometimes there may be a software conflict, a process that hangs or similar and that does not allow it to work as it should.

For example, with the reboot you can reset the processes from the Dropbox app. Perhaps the problem really is due to some process that is not working well or has been caught. With something as simple as restarting the computer we can solve it correctly.

You can also restart the router, especially if you see that it is a problem with the connection, rather than the operating system. In this case, yes, it is not enough to turn it off and on; You must keep the router off for at least half a minute and then turn it on for the reboot to be successful.

See if any program interferes

It may happen that there is some program, especially applications such as antivirus, firewall or VPN, that may be interfering with the connection. This could lead to failures when it comes to syncing files via Dropbox, but also when uploading or downloading content. could be blocking the operation.

What you need to do is identify what could be the cause. For example, try to disconnect the VPN and see if this works correctly and does not cut. Also see if your antivirus might be blocking the Dropbox app. You can even try to disable the antivirus, although this is not the most advisable since your computer would be exposed at least momentarily.

If the problem is due to the antivirus, you can always try installing another one. It is important to have one that works well, such as Windows Defender or some other option such as Avast or Bitdefender, to name a few of the most popular.

Windows antivirus offers mobile protection

Clear Dropbox cache

Dropbox temporary folder can store files even after they are deleted. Over time, the cache it can interfere with the proper functioning and cause those cuts and failures when synchronizing. For example, we could be synchronizing files that have the same name as another that is already in the cache and this generate failures.

What we are going to do is clear the Dropbox cache. In Windows you will have to go to the folder where the program is installed and access the cache folder. The file is exactly called dropbox.cache. There you will simply have to delete the content that is there and see if it is solved and you can synchronize files without problems again.

Reinstall the app

Another step you can take is reinstall the dropbox app completely. Sometimes there are files that cause conflicts or there is some problem of this type and it is solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the application completely. It’s the same thing you can do with any program that has bugs.

Now, what we recommend is that you completely uninstall Dropbox. This means that you do not leave any hanging files. It’s important to have a clean install so that you can really make sense of the reinstall and get sync working properly again.

In short, if you are experiencing problems synchronizing files with Dropbox, you can see that this happens for different reasons. But you also have different options that you can put into practice to solve it and that everything works normally again. It is not a strange error in this type of cloud storage applications.

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