What to do if you get a Bluetooth driver error in Windows

What is the driver error in Bluetooth

We can say that the bluetooth driver error is an issue affecting Bluetooth connectivity in Windows. This message usually appears after you’ve connected a new device or made a major change to your computer, such as installing a Windows update.

drivers can be corrupted when you install a system or driver update. If, for example, you have an outdated version of Windows and you install an update to the Bluetooth drivers, there may be conflicts. The same could happen in the opposite case, if you have the updated OS but not the drivers.

However, it is normal that it appears after trying connect some new device that is not previously paired with the system. It can generate conflicts with the drivers, the operating system or even other devices that we have connected. For example, if we already have a working Bluetooth keyboard, this error may appear if we try to connect a wireless headset.

In all these cases, what it will cause is that you will not be able to connect Bluetooth devices. The driver error message will appear and you will have to see how to solve it so that it recognizes them and you can connect them.

How to solve it

We will explain what to do to solve the problem with bluetooth drivers on Windows. There are very simple steps and others where you will have to change something in the system and do something else. But if you do all this that we are going to mention, the normal thing is that your devices return to work again.

reboot devices

The first and most basic thing to do is something as simple as reboot devices. If, for example, you are trying to connect a Bluetooth headset to the computer and the driver error appears, you can restart Windows and also the headset. This could solve problems with a process that has been caught, for example.

This step is very simple, but at the same time useful. It is something that we always do when there is a problem with some equipment or program that does not work correctly. If you see that this does not fix anything, you should go to the following points.

Disconnect the Bluetooth adapter

The next step would be to unplug the Bluetooth adapter. Do you have a USB device connected to the computer? What you should do is unplug it and then connect it again. In this way the system will recognize it again and will be able to solve certain faults that may exist with the device.

This can also be accompanied by restarting the system. That is, you can disconnect the Bluetooth adapter and at the same time turn off the computer and turn it on again so that it starts all the processes again.

Run the troubleshooter

You can also try starting the windows troubleshooter. This function that is integrated into the system can solve many errors that appear in the connections, the drivers or any element of the equipment that may be causing problems and creating conflicts.

To start it you have to go to Start and search for Other problems solver. Once you open it, different options will appear to perform an analysis, such as Wi-Fi, printer, network adapter or Bluetooth. The latter is what interests us in our case, so you click on Run.

Then it begins to analyze possible problems that may exist. This process may take a few minutes, and once it’s done you can troubleshoot any issues you’ve encountered or report what might be causing it. If you’re lucky, it might be a system error and can be easily fixed with this procedure.

Update drivers

Keeping your system up to date is very important, as is any driver or program you have. One of the reasons why the Bluetooth driver error appears is that there is a conflict between the system and the drivers due to the fact that one of the two is out of date. Therefore, you must ensure that you have the latest versions.

To update the Bluetooth drivers you have to go to Start, access the Device Manager, Bluetooth, select the corresponding adapter and click with the right mouse button to subsequently give update driver. This way you will have the latest versions installed.

update bluetooth

Additionally, you should also check that you have Windows updated to the latest version. To do this, simply go to Start, enter Settings and go to Windows Update. Possible new versions that you have available to update will appear there and the process will continue automatically when you start it.

Update Windows Defender

Restart Bluetooth service

One more step you can try is to restart the Windows Bluetooth service. This will help correct problems with a process that has been hung, for example. To do this you have to go to Start, enter Services and search for Bluetooth Support Service. You have to click with the right mouse button and give Restart.

Restart Bluetooth service

This will cause the Bluetooth service to restart and all processes to start again. In case there were any problems, restarting the processes could solve them and everything works correctly again.

In short, as you have seen, the problem with the Bluetooth drivers will prevent you from connecting devices by this means. It is something that can affect Windows 10 or Windows 11 and appears for different reasons, such as having the system or drivers outdated, as well as a conflict with a process. If you follow the steps we have explained you can get it to work normally again.

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