WhatsApp will be your new note manager

Though WhatsApp It is the most used messaging platform, it has always been at the tail of its rivals. Luckily, little by little, Meta is implementing in its messaging client all those functions that alternatives offer us, such as Telegram. Two of the last have been power use WhatsApp web without depending on the mobile and increase the maximum size of groups. Now, another novelty arrives that, although it seems basic, until now was not possible in WhatsApp without tricks: being able to start a conversation with ourselves.

WhatsApp allows us to start a new chat with contacts from the agenda, with strangers, and create groups. What it does not allow us, at least normally, is create a new chat with us. There are ways to achieve this, such as staying alone in a group. But it is quite a tedious task which often makes it not worth it.

Creating a chat with ourselves can be very useful: we can send each other messages or notes, leave messages for later, send us photos to reduce their size, etc. So why hasn’t Meta added this feature in WhatsApp? It is not known. But, finally, it will be possible.

This is how the new WhatsApp messages are

As we can see in WABetaInfo, the new beta of WhatsApp for Android is gradually adding this function. These new chats are marked as our own name, and it is perfectly shown that it is a send to the same number, both in the status bar and in the encryption message.

Twitter user image

WhatsApp is testing improvements for sending messages to yourself on iOS and Android beta!

A new chat caption shows up when opening the chat with your own phone number for some beta testers, and more is coming in a future update.

October 30, 2022 • 01:52

In addition, in the not too distant future, WhatsApp will also include a new entry in the contact list from which we can easily start the chat whenever we want. In this way, we can quickly create a new chat with ourselves in case, for example, we want to forward a message from another chat to ourselves.

WhatsApp own messages

When will the new feature be available

At the moment we do not know when this news will reach all users. As reported WABetaInfo, At the moment it is gradually reaching users of the WhatsApp beta for Android. First it will have to reach all the users who use this version, and later, when everything goes well, it will be extended to the rest of the users.

In the case of iOS, at the moment Meta has not confirmed anything, so it is expected that it will first reach Android and then make the leap to Apple’s mobile operating system. We also don’t know anything about whether or not this novelty will reach the desktop version of WhatsApp or WhatsApp web, although everything indicates that it will, although later than in the mobile versions.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who has saved your number to send messages to yourself, you are also in luck. Meta has improved the synchronization of these messages in the background and, in addition, this function is now possible from all linked devices, something that was not possible before as indicated in this link.

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