When should you change your passwords

The access codes must be changed

But you periodically change passwords we can say that they lose protection. There may be leaks, problems in the services where we use them, such as social networks or forums on the Internet, and it is convenient from time to time to put a different one to improve security.

Known bug

One of the reasons to change passwords is when a known bug. For example, a leak on a page where we are registered and has suffered an attack. This could expose all passwords and end up in the hands of an attacker who can use them.

Therefore, if, for example, we use Facebook and we see that there has been a data leak in that social network, we should immediately change the access credentials. This will prevent them from accessing our account and stealing personal information.

A lot of time has passed

One clear reason is time. If you are using a password for a long time, you should think about changing it for a different one. That will renew protection and allow the security barrier of that page or record to remain good to prevent intruders from entering.

How often? There is nothing established but to use common sense. If you see that you have been using the same password for months or even years, it is always good to change it. It is important that this new password is secure and provided that it improves on the previous one.

They are not complex

Following what we mentioned, it is essential that they be complex and totally safe. It is not enough to put anything, but a password that has letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers and other special symbols. In addition, all this always in a random way.

If you use a password in which you have your name, surname or date of birth, something that many users do, you should change it immediately. The same if you use a password of the type 123456 and the like, of course.

We have noticed something strange

If you notice something weird, such as an attempt to improperly access an account or that someone has even been able to access it, you should change it as soon as possible. This also applies to if you have logged into a foreign computer or have even left the account open. It is always convenient to use a different one.

In this way we will avoid possible unwanted accesses and problems that may affect our accounts. We need to always have the maximum protection, regardless of the type of service we use or what we use it for.

Is there a virus

Of course, if our team has some virus, we must take action once we have cleaned it. One of those measures is to immediately change the passwords that we have. That malware may have registered all of our keys and are on a server controlled by the attackers.

Although we do not know for sure if we have had a virus or not, whenever there is any suspicion it is advisable to take measures of this type even if it is only as a precaution. We can avoid major problems.

Ultimately, for these reasons you should change your passwords. It is important to avoid that the keys end up on the Dark Web and for this it is convenient to change them periodically.

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