Even if you want, in these cases you will not be able to watch YouTube videos with quality

When you go to see a YouTube video, you will be able to configure the image quality. You can watch it at 720p, 1080p or 4K, for example. However, in order to view it correctly, it is necessary that the Internet connection works well. Otherwise, those videos may be limited and have trouble playing correctly. Therefore, we are going to give you some instructions that you should keep in mind to watch videos without problems.

Although we focus on YouTube, which is one of the platforms we use the most, the truth is that you can apply it to any other similar platform. Whenever you can modify image qualityyou could have problems viewing the content on your computer or mobile phone without the dreaded cuts appearing.

Internet to watch quality videos

If you put a YouTube video in 4K and the connection is very weak, it is very likely that this video keeps cutting. In fact, if you put it on automatic with a bad speed, you would see that it is set to a lower quality to be able to play it without cuts. Therefore, having a good Internet connection will be linked to being able to watch quality videos on YouTube and other platforms.

The reason why you may not be able to watch high-quality videos on YouTube even if you want to is because you don’t have good Internet. If you do a speed test and notice that the connection you receive is weak, you will have problems watching YouTube videos. You will have difficulties and you would have to make some changes.

Keep in mind that, in many cases, you will have YouTube set to default to use the image quality that best suits your connection. In other cases, however, you will have set the quality manually. This is when you could make changes if you notice that it is not working as you would like.

Adjust the quality well

What you should do is something as simple as correctly adjust the image quality. Generally, to be able to watch content in 4K it is recommended to have at least 25 Mbps download. If you do a test and you don’t get that, but you have much less, then you couldn’t put it in 4K. You’re going to have to choose a lower quality.

The quality will depend on the speed you have. It may work well for you in 720p, 1080p or you may even have to set something lower, such as 480p. Logically, the lower the quality, the more problems you will have to view the content correctly. Especially if you are going to see Youtube videos on a large screen, you may have more problems.

If your connection is unstable, if you connect via Wi-Fi and you notice that it does not reach well, the ideal is to automatically configure the video quality. In this way, it will be adjusted depending on whether the quality of the connection is good or not. The higher the speed, the higher the video quality can be. It is important to take action when videos do not load on YouTube.

Therefore, you may not be able to watch YouTube videos at the quality you would like, due to problems with your Internet connection. Adjusting the quality well can be essential to avoid cuts when you watch a streaming video.

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