When you should never use a VPN

Situations in which it is not good to use a VPN

There are times when using a VPN can become a problem. We can see that the speed of the connection is very limited, that there are cuts or that we even put our personal data at risk. We are going to see what are the main situations in which it is not convenient to use this type of program.

You are on a secure network and need speed

The first reason you shouldn’t use a VPN is when you’re connected to a secure network and you need the speed to be good. A clear example is when you are on your home network and want to download from the cloud without errors or outages. It would not be advisable to use this type of programs.

It is a fact that when browsing through VPN the speed decreases. Cuts can also appear and, in general, the quality of the connection is worse. We are connected through a server and it will not always work well. We will not be able to really take advantage of the maximum speed of the connection.

You have a VPN that is not guaranteed

Of course, another reason is when you don’t know if that VPN is secure or not. In case you are using a non-guarantee programthat you do not know if it is really going to encrypt the connection and protect the data, it is best to stop using it immediately and not have any kind of problem.

Hackers could use a fake or insecure VPN to steal information. For example, they could collect passwords from logins or even redirect you to fake pages without you realizing it. You should know the myths when using a VPN.

You are going to navigate through a proxy

It is true that it is possible to browse through a VPN and proxy. However, this is not the most advisable. You’re going to have speed problems and it could even be impossible to use certain services due to not having a connection with sufficient capacity.

Therefore, if you already use a proxy to surf the web, you better not also connect a VPN. The same in the opposite case, if you already use a VPN you should not start using a proxy at the same time. You should always preserve the Internet connection as best as possible so that there are no outages.

You need to use some service that only works in Spain

Normally, a VPN allows you to browse as if you were in other country. What happens if you want to use a service that is only available in Spain? If you connect to an outside server, you won’t be able to get in. That would be a problem and it would limit your access, for example, to services like Netflix that only broadcast in the country where you are.

If you still need to use a VPN, it would be interesting if you chose one that has servers in Spain. In this way you would protect the connection, but you would not have problems to be able to enter services to watch movies or series that may be blocked from the outside.

In short, these are some of the main reasons why you should not use a VPN. You may have problems in these cases and you would have to find an alternative to be able to surf the net safely without having access limitations to different services, for example.

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