Never install this type of VPN or your data could be stolen

Type of VPN to avoid

You should know that not all VPNs available are the same. You can come across many that are actually a safety hazard or malfunction. For this reason, it is essential to choose very well which one to install and thus avoid problems. Keep in mind these recommendations that we are going to give.

the free ones

The first thing to avoid is free VPNs. These are the most problematic of all. These programs may have been created just to steal information, to put users’ privacy at risk. After all, our data has a great value on the network and can be obtained through this means.

On the Internet you can find many VPNs that are free. Sometimes promoted as an application that will maintain your privacy on the Internet, but in reality it will do the opposite and put your data at risk. This happens both on computers and mobile devices.

Browser extensions

Although you will generally find VPNs as a program to install on your PC or mobile, there are also many options that are browser extensions like Chrome or Firefox. It may seem useful, since you just add them and go, without having to install a program. But this has its risks.

The main problem is that this VPN extension is only going to encrypt the connection that goes through the browser. If you use another program, such as Skype for example, the information will go directly to the network without going through this VPN. Also, they generally run slower and cause more problems.

Programs downloaded from unofficial sites

Another type of VPN that you should avoid installing are the ones you find on unofficial sites. For example, third-party pages that you are going to see on the Internet and that are not really guarantees. They can be fake applications, created solely to steal information and data without the victim realizing it.

Ideally, always download the VPN from official sources. You can go to the official store of that software or also use warranty stores, such as the Microsoft Store or Google Play. This way you will avoid adding software that could have been maliciously modified.

Those with few options

On the other hand, if you are looking for the best possible performance, avoid VPNs that have few options. For example don’t have many servers among which you can choose which one to connect to and thus have the best possible connection. Also avoid those that do not have many countries to which you can connect.

The more options that VPN has, the better to be able to navigate correctly and without cuts. You can also avoid problems with the browser when using VPN if you use one of guarantees.

In short, as you can see there are some types of VPN that you should avoid using. It is essential that you only use guaranteed programs, that they are safe and that they do not compromise your security and privacy at any time.

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