Where can we buy an NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti?

Where to find stock of both GPUs or at least one of them? It is the million dollar question and possibly some of the recommendations that we are going to give you, but in any case they are all trusted stores with years of experience in the sector and everything will depend in the vast majority of cases that we are attentive to goods receipt movements. For this reason, we also recommend that you visit them daily, putting your favorite models in bookmarks.


We are not going to reveal anything about Amazon, but the truth is that after Prime Day they have to restock goods and they already have at least two models of RTX 3070 Ti and another pair of RTX 3080 Ti. Of course, with external stores and at prohibitive prices that are gradually decreasing.


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Nor are we going to discover America with this store, since almost everyone knows it. But the funny thing is that there is stock of a large number of models, but the prices are through the roof in the vast majority of cases and everyone seems to be with their claws out waiting for the disaster. In any case, if money is not a problem for you, here you can choose.



It has been a great cover in this crisis of the chips and GPUs, but its catalog is very extensive, it has some stock and the prices seem somewhat more “adjusted”. They even have the models with built-in AIO or the most extreme ones, so it is a good starting point if what we want is something unusual.


It is another veteran store and possibly the one with the largest stock of GPUs currently. The prices do not accompany and are somewhat high, but if we want yes or yes a graphics card model and we do not want to wait for the decline, then we are in the right place without a doubt. Its catalog is extremely complete and although it does not have models as exotic as Wipoid, it does have TOP models and basic models for those who do not want to spend more.



It is another of the great unknown for some users, but it is opening a gap little by little in the market thanks to more competitive prices. At the moment the stock is limited, but it also has a large number of models to choose from, from the Gaming OC, through the TUF to the STRIX LC, I have even some blank model that are so highly valued today.

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It is the one that is currently offering the greatest discounts and its stock is really high, which is surprising because other stores of greater depth do not have so many units or models. In addition, they have custom models with both stock frequencies and overclocked models, GPUs with AIO and even extreme models such as the AORUS Master or the AORUS Xtreme.

Another of the little-seen models is the Zotac RTX 3080 Ti AMP Holo, or the EVGA RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming, the highest version of the brand saving the Kingpin.


Among the computer stores dedicated to hardware in our country, it is possibly the one with the least stock of these RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti models. But this can be an advantage if they have the model we want or if we are not demanding and simply want a GPU with these chips, since there are usually fewer people waiting for the entry of stock and perhaps we will catch a unit as soon as we are attentive.

In return, the prices seem to be more in line with reality than in other stores, which is an advantage if we “catch” stock of a custom card.


Curiously, they do not have any of the aforementioned models, neither RTX 3080 Ti nor RTX 3070 Ti, so it is interesting to be attentive precisely for this. When it enters stock, which will enter, no one is going to wait for it and only those who are more attentive will be able to get one of these graphics cards. In their favor, they work with manufacturers like Gainward, which is not very common in our country for some time now.

They also work with Inno3D and Palit, which, although it is a subsidiary of Zotac, is a plus to have more models available when appropriate.


It is a well-known store that works differently from the others. As a rule, any store lists graphics cards and even if there is no stock, you can check their specifications and price, and you can even reserve them in case stock comes in. But VsGamers only shows us those that are available for purchase, reducing the search time for each user.

Currently the stock is incredibly limited, with only three models available in stock, but at lower prices than in other stores, so at least we can access your purchase.

Having said all this, as is to be expected, all these stores have years of experience in the sector, they are therefore safe purchases and above all they compete with each other and try to offer the shortest delivery times and the best conditions and guarantees. It is also advisable to read the policies of each one of them, because the amounts that we are handling with these graphics cards are really high and it is convenient to be clear about what we submit to in each one of them.

As we have seen, the stock of GPUs is returning, what is needed now is for prices to adjust to reality, which we will see in theory in two or three months after China’s blockade of cryptocurrencies, mainly Ethereum and Bitcoin. So if we are patient we can save a few euros as prices continue to fall, the stock continues to rise and with this the market begins to regularize.

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