Which are the best and easiest sports to bet on?

When you make a bet, you do need to resign yourself to the reality that your chosen bet could lose. Whether it’s on a roulette wheel, a drag race or a wager with your friend to see who can stay silent longest, you just can’t guarantee winning. That’s why there’s a stake and odds, a risk and a reward, whenever you bet. If you could be sure of a win, there’d be no value in it for whoever you’re betting with.

So let’s assume we all know that, but still want to have the odds in our favour as much as is possible. We visit OddsNinja the ultimate guide to online bookmakers in Canada, and find the bookmaker who best meets our needs. What next? Well, when it comes to betting on sports, some will have better track records than others in rewarding the bettor. How do we pick the best sports to bet on? Our tips below will explain the best ways to go.


In a tennis matchup, there are two players (unless it’s doubles, but never mind that now). In the vast majority of matches that are played, one of the two is an overwhelmingly likely winner. That’s how the seeding system works. And while this means that the odds are rarely great, over time you can see some gains by betting on the favourite.

Bear in mind that there is a tactic in sports betting called the 1.01 strategy, where you only ever bet on obvious winners. It will take time to make much by doing this, but in tennis, the odds are generally longer than that. Don’t risk large amounts on contested matches – don’t ever risk large amounts unless you’re betting entirely with won money – and tennis can pay off for you.

College basketball

To bet well on college basketball, you’ll need to develop a knowledge of the game, so it’s not one that you should go for off the cuff. But when you know college hoops well enough, you’ll begin to see that there are often some very lazy odds when the bookmaker isn’t one of the bigger ones with sharp odds-makers. Colleges outside of the big conferences and without expensive athletics programs don’t usually get a look-in with bettors, and their odds can be quite long when playing against a better-known, but less talented side. When you study the game, you’ll see those odds pretty often – and even a small stake can make a decent return.


With soccer, it is certainly more of a mixed bag. The best advice for big games is generally to stay away from betting on them at all, as bigger games tend to mean more people betting, and the odds are a reaction to this. However, soccer is a good sport to bet on because there are so many markets. Not finding good value on the English Premier League? Check out the Bulgarian Parva Liga, where fewer people are betting and yet every bookie will have odds. If you know your Ludogorets Razgrad from your Levski Sofia, you can certainly find value in betting on the less glitzy European leagues.

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