How To Win At Slots Pokies In Online Casinos

The goal of any casino customer is to win. Not everyone counts solely on luck while playing slots pokies. These tips will help increase the probability of winning.

Is It Real To Win

Slots pokies attract lots of casino customers. If it were impossible to get money on them, these games wouldn’t be so popular among gamblers. The chances of winning are real if players select licensed titles because the result is determined by the random number generator. This is an algorithm that generates a random sequence of game events, and gambling websites cannot influence its work.


There are too many myths about slots pokies:

  • “Heated” slots are easier to beat. Slots pokies are more likely to give a payout after a series of bets. In fact, the history of spinning doesn’t affect the result.
  • The casino is cheating, and it’s impossible to beat the slot. If the site works officially, it gives away all the prizes. RTPs there are the same as game providers offer.
  • The chances of winning depend on the time of day. This myth has nothing to do with reality. The random number generator doesn’t consider the time when the user starts playing.
  • A slot with a lot of users playing on it will never bring you winnings. This isn’t true, the probability of winning is the same for all slots pokies.

How To Win More Often

  • Here’s what you need to consider when studying slots in a casino, especially if you want to win more frequently:
  • Which combinations win. If they are counted both ways, the chances of winning increase.
  • Whether there is a doubling game. It will increase the amount of payouts per spin with small prizes.
  • If it’s possible to buy a bonus. Playing in demo mode, the user will determine how profitable the prize features are.

Choosing Slots With High Payout Percentage

RTP is the theoretical percentage of payoff to the player. This indicator demonstrates how many bets are returned to the user after a large number of spins. On licensed sites, it’s impossible to change the value of RTP.

Learning To Play Different Games

When playing slots pokies, it’s important to understand the differences between them. This will help use different types of tactics effectively. Consider an example. There are games with free spins, during which payments increase by 2, 3, or more times. If a player applies the scheme with a gradual increase in rates, during the free spins, he can get a large sum. In slots that don’t have prize functions, such a system won’t bring any results.

There is a difference between slots with and without the risk game. In the first option, users can double the amount received. This function can be applied if the round has brought a small payout. In the risk game, it’s important to withdraw the money in time.

Bonus features are associated with large winnings. Free spins and prize rounds bring more money than regular spins. Some slots pokies have a feature that allows you not to wait for the right game situation: combinations of special symbols and so on. Users can immediately activate the bonus for a separate bet. Before activating such a feature, it’s important to determine whether the costs in this case will be greater than the possible winnings.

Choosing The Variance Of The Slot

Dispersion, or volatility, is a measure of the ratio of how often wins fall out and what their size is. The higher it is, the less often prize combinations appear. At the same time, the sums are higher. If the slot has low volatility, the winnings fall out more often, but their size is smaller. The choice depends on the bankroll and the duration of the session.

Users who are ready to spin the reels for a long time and bet large sums should select games with a high level of dispersion. In this case, there is a chance to get a big win.

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