Which mouse pad size best suits your gaming and mouse style?

It goes without saying that, despite the fact that in this article we are going to focus our musings on the gaming ecosystem, a mouse pad can be beneficial for all types of users, regardless of size. It is an element that we always recommend since, as we have indicated at the beginning, it allows the mouse to move smoothly and easily thanks to its minimum friction, which also increases their life expectancy since reduces wear. In addition, the soft surface gives us a plus ergonomics and comfort since we can support the wrist on soft, reducing the fatigue suffered.

What are the mat sizes available?

We will start by saying that the size of the PC mats is not standardized, which means that each manufacturer makes them more or less with the sizes that they consider convenient. However, and approximately, we can divide the size of each mat depending on its dimensions:

  • S: 250 x 200 mm.
  • M: 300 x 250 mm.
  • L: 400 x 350 mm.
  • XL: 450 x 400 mm.
  • Extended: 300 x 800 mm.
  • Extended XL: 400 x 900 mm.

We repeat that these dimensions that we have captured here are approximate because each manufacturer uses different dimensions, but more or less certain that it can be perfectly understood if we accompany these dimensions with the image that we have put above. In addition, the thickness, being the normal 3 mm but in some models we can find thicknesses from less than 1 mm (generally in the rigid ones) up to 6 mm.

What are the advantages of each mat size?

Extended gaming mousepad

The main advantage of smaller mats It is undoubtedly the little space they occupy, ideal for people who do not have an aggressive style of play (since their contact surface with the table is scarce, they will move a lot) and / or who want to take it from a flush with no problems (for example, with your gaming laptop).

The sizes M and L They are the most common (many manufacturers call the former “mini”), and because they have a larger surface area in their lower area, usually made of natural rubber, they tend to move less with use and may be more suitable for users who perform aggressive movements with the mouse or that play with a low sensitivity (and with this they have to move the mouse more, so they also need a larger pad surface to move on).

The Size XL It is in general terms exaggerated, especially due to the fact that since the monitors we use are panoramic, the movements we make with the mouse are wider to the left and right but not so much up or down, so we usually have plenty of mouse pads left over. from the top. However, there are users who do take advantage of it, but these are usually gamers who use extremely low sensitivity in the mouse and therefore need a lot of surface to move. Likewise, it is also ideal for users who not only rest their wrist on the table, but also support their arm up to the elbow (that is, they play very leaning forward).

Finally we have the models Extended, mats with an extremely wide size and that are designed to even place the keyboard on top. This makes it difficult for them to move from the site under any circumstances, and they give us a comfortable space to support not only the wrist of the mouse but also the opposite. In addition, we can place it and adapt it to the size of the table, keyboard and mouse without problems, so in general they are the most versatile.

From experience, our recommendation will always be Extended format mats, since we consider that they are the ones that give the best result for all types of users, mice and areas, so if your table is wide enough to accommodate one of these, We recommend you try it, you will not regret it.

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