Who Called Me? Finding Name And Address From A Phone Number

We all have missed calls from an unknown number on our smartphones. Just as often, you don’t want to answer calls from an unknown number, perhaps because you are busy with important business. However, we don’t always feel like trying to call back. We are often intimidated by the idea that it might be a call centre or an unwelcome person. That’s why it’s natural to wonder whether it’s possible to find a name and address from a telephone number. Of course, it is possible. The search is not always successful, but it is at least possible to try.

Who called me? The best sites and apps

The sites and apps we are going to talk about are easy to use and efficient. They allow you to find out the name of a phone number. In some cases, they also allow you to find out the address. They can offer access to user comments and allow you to understand if it is a call centre, a marketing call and the like. They are free of charge. In most cases, registration is not necessary either unless you want to leave a comment.


Truecaller is a website/app that is characterised by simple and intuitive graphics. It is very efficient, with the ability to do a reverse phone lookup in just a few moments. You can also download the relevant application to your smartphone. This is a good choice for those who often have to search for a name from a phone number. The app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.

Truecaller is particularly suitable for searching for information on the number of companies, corporations and businesses. It is rather difficult to find information on private individuals. It is undoubtedly a good choice for uncovering scams, boring calls from call centres and the like.

Unknown is simpler and more minimalist. Simply enter the phone number in the search bar to get information. This gives you the opportunity to find out the details of the owner of that number. If the number has already been reported on the site, you can also discover the comments left by users. It’s easy to see if this is a number to avoid!


Sync.ME is a platform that can be used directly online, but at the same time also an app that you can download to your phone. As an app, it is available for both Android and iOS. It is completely free of charge and also easy to use. Simply enter your phone number on the platform or app in the search bar.

But first, you need to select your country of residence. It’s easy, as there are flags for this purpose. Once you have entered the number, you can find the reference name. Obviously, this number must be in the database. This is often the case, but not always. You also need a bit of luck.


Are you sure that the phone number you received the call from is foreign? Then we advise you to use Numberway. It is a real reference point for foreign numbers. With Numberway you can quickly and easily find out the name and even the address. It is easy to use, even for those who have never tried such a service in their life.

Who’s Calling

Who’s Calling is a website that works very similarly to the websites mentioned above. Apparently, many people use it mainly as a defence against spam and online scams. Here users have the possibility to enter information about the type of call and give their personal opinion.

It is a site with a freely accessible database. The information is therefore at the complete disposal of web users. Because there is no need to register, it also allows you to optimise your time. The database is really very large. It is a site with very active users. This is why the database is constantly being updated. It is growing more and moreover the years.


Whooming is a web platform. However, it is also available as an app to download to your smartphone. The app is suitable for both iOS and Android devices and is completely free of charge. It allows you to avoid spam and annoying calls from call centres.

Apparently, it also helps against stalkers and all those who want to annoy you in some way with persistent phone calls. Worth a try!

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