Who has better warranty service, PcComponentes or Amazon?

It is not usual that when buying a product we have problems, but from time to time we can find that our purchase has been a frog and we have to request a refund of the money we have paid, a repair or a replacement for a functional unit at through a process called warranty processing.

This process is mandatory and both the manufacturer of the product and the store participate in it, indeed, according to the legislation of our country, it is the store that has to act as a bridge between the end customer and the manufacturer to ensure that the warranty is processed. correctly and assure you that you will have a product in optimal condition that you have paid for. In that case, there is no doubt that the process in a physical store has less secrecy than processing the guarantee in PcComponentes or Amazon, which are digital platforms.

Which one gives better guarantee, PcComponentes or Amazon?

The first thing to keep in mind is that both companies offer a portal for the sale of products. If, for example, we want to buy a power supply of a certain brand and we buy it through Amazon or PcComponentes, we will find that the one who does the sale service is the platform itself and, therefore, it is easier to process the guarantee. We say this due to the fact that many computer stores promote their products through one of the two platforms, so the warranty changes completely.


The Jeff Bezos platform has a series of common regulations that all sellers on the marketplace must follow to process it. What does the Amazon warranty cover? Well, the fact that you have not received the product or if you have received it, it has arrived damaged, defective or does not match its description. From there you have 30 days from when you have received the product to start the return process and once you have contacted him for about 14 days.

Regarding the shipping and return costs, if you send the product outside the 14-day period, the Amazon guarantee will not pay you the transport costs. What’s more, if you return the payment without contacting them, you will lose the ability to process the guarantee. So in the case of the largest store in the world, you will find that the quality of the service will depend on where you are living and the quality of transport in the area.


Processing the guarantee with PcComponentes has less complications than doing it with Amazon, the bureaucracy that surrounds its platform is cleaner and more direct. Since we can process returns from our user panel on the store’s website and specifically from the section of Orders and Returns. From there you just have to prepare the package in a box and send it through the transport agency that you prefer or that is available, depending on the case.

The advantage of this system is that although you will have to pay for the shipping of the defective product (unless you are premium), you will not have to wait so long for a product to be brought to you without failures or to get your money refunded. It can be said that Amazon has as a guarantee the return of the cost of transporting the product, but it is much slower. On the other hand, PcComponentes has a faster service, but does not return the shipping costs.

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