Why a Mesh system takes WiFi coverage further at home

Mesh systems, a good option to increase coverage

First of all, it is necessary to explain how a Mesh system works. Keep in mind that they are different from other options we have to improve the Wi-Fi network, such as a repeater or PLC. In this case it is a device series that are connected to each other forming a kind of mesh network. They can be from two devices to many more and they will all connect to each other.

Therefore, unlike a Wi-Fi repeater, each of these devices that make up the Mesh system connect to each other and not directly to the router. They act like satellites and that will allow you to connect to each one of them without having to disconnect from another. They share the same network name, password, etc. It’s like you’re always on the same network.

Just that, the fact that all the satellites connect to each other, is what will allow the connection goes further. A Wi-Fi repeater, for example, is going to be more limited. You can lose signal as you move away from the router and you will not be able to connect very far from it, since the further away the weaker the coverage will be.

Mesh systems are going to allow that signal to reach further, without so many limitations and take more advantage of the connection. You will be able to connect from other rooms in the house with less problems and without losing speed or less than using other alternatives.

Wi-Fi Mesh D-Link EAGLE PRO AI M15 system in all its glory

They cover a large area

It must be taken into account that not all Mesh systems are going to be the same in terms of capacity, although we can say that in general they cover a large surface. They can even reach hundreds of square meters, so it is normal that you can connect from anywhere in the house.

You will have to look at one key factor: how many devices do you have. It is not the same that there are only two devices, than another option that has five or six. In these cases you will be able to expand the coverage better, with greater speed and stability. They can cover a much larger surface without you having to disconnect.

So how many devices to buy Mesh systems from? This will depend on how much surface area you need to cover. An area in which you are only going to connect from one room is not the same as another larger home and where you are also going to connect from different places.

As you can see, Mesh systems are a very useful option to improve the Wi-Fi network. They will allow the coverage to go further and you will have an easier time connecting to the network without having stability problems. There are differences between Mesh and PLC systems.

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