This is how they are using Chrome to spy on you and steal your email

They spy through a Chrome extension

Plugins or extensions are a type of software that we can add to the browser. They are useful as they help us organize tabs, there are download managers or even some serve to improve security. But there are also those that can be problematic and are even used by hackers to swindle.

A group of hackers are now using an extension called SHARPEXT which works in Chromium-based browsers, such as Chrome or Edge. Their ultimate goal is to steal Gmail and AOL accounts. But how do they get to install this extension? They do this through a VBS script that replaces certain files and executes it after having compromised the system. When loaded on the computer, the browser automatically starts using this malicious extension.

It is from there that the problem begins. Cyber ​​criminals can spy through this extension from Chrome. In addition, experts have indicated that this extension has evolved and is now in a phase where it can obtain more data and further affect privacy.

They are based on mail session logged in and from there they can access all the content. It is considered a stealthy and very effective attack, since the email provider, such as Gmail, does not detect this problem. By not launching any alert, the attacker can have time to check emails, steal information, add attachments to a malicious email, etc.

Basically attackers are going to take control of our Gmail and AOL mail through this malicious extension. That is why we must take precautions at all times and not fall into the trap.

What to do to avoid the problem

The most important is not make mistakes. Why do we say this? Most attacks require us to do something. For example, downloading a file, installing an extension, accepting something that comes to us through social networks… Therefore, common sense is essential to avoid being victims of many attacks.

It’s also a good idea to install security software, of course. A good antivirus It will help detect threats that could put the system at risk. If we accidentally download a file or install an extension that is actually a scam, it could help us eliminate the problem as soon as possible.

Also, keep the updated system It’s fundamental. In this case, hackers exploit a bug in order to execute the malicious payload that sneaks in the extension. If you have the system with all the patches and the latest versions, you will be able to avoid many of the security threats that may arrive.

If you are wondering what happens if they enter your email, it is important that you know that they could have access to all your passwords, personal information and even attack other people. Therefore, it is essential to be protected at all times.

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