Why companies will offer Internet and cloud in the tariff

We have many rates available to contract Internet today. Normally, we find options to have more or less Mbps available from optical fiber, as well as include calls or mobile data. But why are so many companies going to start offering available space in the cloud? In this article we are going to talk about it and explain what we can expect for the next few years.

Internet and cloud at the same rate

Hire a service cloud storage It has become very common. We have many options available. For example Google Drive or Dropbox are some of them, but there are many more. You can find free options with little space, but other paid ones that can even have more than 1 TB available.

But why are the phone companies going to start offering Internet and also cloud access? This is already a reality and in the US some companies like Google Fiber offer storage space in the cloud along with the Internet rate. They do it because it is something that is increasingly in demand. More and more users want to have their files available on the network at all times.

We can say that it is a plus, something more to offer, just as some telephone companies also offer access to streaming and television services. This allows, for example, that customers can even store video or music content and play them from other devices, even if they are not at home.

The truth is that the cloud offers a wide range of options. It is used to free up space, create backup copies, have files always available and work from anywhere, share documents with other people… In addition, it is something that will be more and more present and we can see that sometimes they are replacing physical memories. Think that many mobiles no longer have a microSD slot, but offer cloud service for a fee.

In Spain it is already possible

Although it is still somewhat limited and not really widespread, it is already possible in Spain to hire fiber optics and cloud at the same rate. We can see the case of DIGI. We can hire fiber optics and at the same time they offer us access to the cloud with 50 GB. It is clear that it is somewhat limited and it is not a very large space, as we do have when contracting other online services; but it is something that already comes with the fee.

However, we believe that this is only the beginning and that little by little we will see Internet rates with other companies that also offer the cloud. But not only will we see those 50 GB, but it will be much more. Sometimes it will be included in the rate at the same price, while in others you will have to pay a supplement.

What do you think that telephone companies also offer access to the cloud? Would you pay a little more to have, say, 1TB available to store your files? For now you can use one of the many cloud storage services.

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