Why do I need a Firewall on my PC if I have Windows Defender?

There are many security solutions of this type that we can use today. However, due to the widespread use of Windows 10, Microsoft increasingly tries to make things a little easier for us in this regard. So much so that at the moment by default and pre-installed we have an antivirus in the same operating system. This is Windows Defender, a security solution that does not stop improving with the passage of time and updates.

But that’s not all, but together with the antivirus that we refer to in these lines, a Firewall is also included to protect our connections. The truth is that, as with antivirus, this is a security element that has also improved a lot over time. There are many users who still wonder if they should install a firmware on their PC based on Windows 10, doubt that we are going to try to solve.

Windows 10 allows you to install and use a third-party firewall

In a similar way to what happens with the aforementioned antivirus, today we have the possibility to download and install a Firewall third-party in Windows 10. However, as we say, it is not essential, since the operating system itself has its functionality of this type integrated to protect us.

Now, to avoid incompatibilities and failures in the operation of the security solution, it is recommended that we deactivate the native one to install the new one.

Choosing another Firewall is like choosing another antivirus

Although Windows Defender does not stop growing in terms of quality and functionality, many users still opt for external solutions. And it is not surprising because there are security companies that offer us antivirus that have been with us for decades and that have earned the trust of millions of users. That is why many of these prefer, even if it is paying, the security of other antivirus alternatives to Windows Defender.

Well, something similar happens with the Firewall, as we are going to see. Similarly, many companies offer their own software of this type for those users who want to use it. Thus, although at first it is not necessary in Windows 10, since the operating system has its own, we have the freedom to install and use a Firewall external if we wish. Either for convenience, or custom, although it is not essential, we can use security software of this type in Windows 10. Everything will depend on the preferences of each one, as it happens in the rest of the software sectors.

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