Why doesn’t Invasión (Apple TV +) have this episode in Spanish?

Precedents and the same problem with Ted Lasso

In March 2020, when COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, voice actors encountered numerous problems in being able to do their job well under the new conditions required by harsh regulations regarding home confinement. For this reason Apple TV +, like many other platforms, were forced to broadcast the original content of their series without dubbing into Spanish until the actors’ work could be resumed and dubbing into Spanish was added.

That anomalous circumstance is more than justified. However it seems strange that the eighth episode of the second season of Ted Lasso is available in Latin American Spanish, but not in Spanish. And it is even rarer when it is the only one of the 12 from that season that has this absence of dubbing in the Apple TV application. This chapter, entitled “Man City” was released on September 10, so almost two months later it is inexplicable that it continues to appear without the dubbing.

ted lasso 2x12

What problem is happening now with Invasion?

With this series, as with Ted Lasso, at first it seems out of the question that it is a problem related to dubbing. The first because the episodes are usually dubbed in order and it would be weird to skip an episode. It is also surprising that the app does not provide information on the absence of dubbing, as it happened at the beginning of the pandemic. However the definitive proof that it is a technical problem we find it in that in the Mac app if they appear with the dubbing in Spanish.

We do not know if this problem appears equally to all users or is it an intermittent failure. In the tests we have carried out, we have been able to verify that the aforementioned series appear with the aforementioned episodes without dubbing into Spanish on both iPhone and iPad and Apple TV. However, when checking it from the Apple TV app on the Mac, we find that this dubbing appears, therefore being a problem of the iOS, iPadOS and tvOS apps.

From La Manzana Mordida we have contacted the Apple TV + team to report this problem and to be aware of it, if there have not been more users who have done it before. As it is something localized, although for unknown reasons, we understand that could have a prompt solution. At the moment what we advise you is that you try to follow the series on a Mac and, if you don’t have that possibility, watch it in its original version with subtitles or in Latin Spanish. We know that it is tedious and more to get used to certain voice actors, but unfortunately there is no other way out at the moment.

It should be noted that already in November 2019, when the platform had just landed, there were already numerous technical problems with the dubbing. In fact, something similar was happening to now, since some users could enjoy content in our language on some devices and not on others.

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