Why in summer your router will work worse

To have a good Internet connection, which is fast and works without cuts, it is essential that the router works well. We can say that it is a key piece for our connections. However, at certain times it can work worse and even lead to major failures. In this article we will explain why in summer the router works worse and what you can do to fix it.

Heat affects the router

Like any other electronic device, the router can be affected by a overheating, due to humidity or dust. Its components can be damaged and there will come a time when the useful life decreases, in addition to having limited performance, with certain problems.

The high temperatures they can make the router perform worse. It is a reality that the weather affects the Wi-Fi speed and we can notice that in summer. This is when it is hottest and that can affect the components, which are designed to work optimally in a range of temperatures.

It may happen that you simply notice a loss of speed and performance. It may even be almost imperceptible. But it could also happen that you notice continuous cuts, that you lose connection from time to time and have to turn off the device. In addition, the components are going to suffer and that makes the useful life shorten.

In summer, on many occasions the temperature inside a home can exceed 30 degrees. That is a problem for electronic devices such as the router, especially when you are going to use it to connect many devices at the same timeboth wired and wireless.

It is, therefore, a time of year in which we must take care of the temperature in the location of the router, since otherwise we could have problems that affect the speed and performance of the connection.

What to do to avoid problems

You can try to prevent the router from being so affected by high temperatures if you follow a series of tips. The objective is to reduce the probability of failures, loss of speed and outages caused by high temperatures that may shorten the useful life of the device in summer.

One of the tips is to place the router as far as possible from other appliances and appliances. For example, it is a mistake to put it near the television or on top of a video player. These devices are going to give off more heat and that is going to cause it to overheat more, with what this entails.

you must also keep it away from windows where direct sunlight enters. That would cause the device to overheat excessively and the components suffer. It is important that it is as far away as possible from these heat sources, which can affect it, especially in the summer months, when the temperature is higher.

Also, as an alternative option you can always use some kind of refrigerator. There are many options to put under a laptop, for example, and you can use the same for the router if necessary and if you see that the temperature inside your home, in the area where you have the router, is too high in the summer months.

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