Why is the browser sometimes slow to download

Downloads are very slow in the browser

Sometimes the problem with internet speed It is not only at a general level, when it comes to browsing, installing add-ons, using the cloud or doing a speed test. It may happen that it affects only when using a certain program or, as in the case that we are going to deal with, when downloading from the browser.

Many users experience problems when entering a cloud service such as Google Drive and downloading files or also when accessing any web page and downloading a program or any document. They see that the browser is slow and that the download takes much longer than expected.

This can happen for different reasons, as we will see. It could be due to a connection failure, the equipment we are using or also the browser itself. For each error that may appear, we can take into account certain tips to correct it.

Let’s break down the main causes depending on whether they are due to browser problems or connection and device failures. Any of these errors could affect when downloading files with the browser and we must correct them.

Typical errors in the browser

First of all we are going to focus on the general problems that may exist in the browser. It is undoubtedly a fundamental tool for our day to day and sometimes we can have bugs that affect performance and the way we browse or download files.

It is not updated

One of those things to keep in mind is that it is not updated correctly. If we have an outdated version we could suffer major problems so that everything works correctly. We could see that the downloads are very slow or that we can not even access certain services.

In addition, an important factor is the security. If we have an outdated program we could have major problems. A potential hacker could gain access to our systems and compromise security by exploiting these vulnerabilities.

We can update Google Chrome, which is the most used browser, in a very simple way. You just have to go to the menu (the three points on the top right), we enter Help and Google Chrome Information. It will automatically start looking for the new version, if there is one.

Update Google Chrome

Excess extensions

It could also happen that we have a complement that is generating conflicts with the equipment and causing a malfunction. The browser extensions They are very useful and we have a wide range of possibilities at our disposal, but sometimes they also create problems.

If we have many extensions installed and we see that the downloads are slow, it could be due to this. Especially we must control the most recent ones that we have installed and that could be affecting the browser.


The browser can also be affected by malicious software. Especially it usually happens that we install an add-on that is insecure and they strain us adware. This will inevitably affect performance and cause downloads to go very slow.

We must always have a good antivirus that allows us to analyze the system and detect security risks. If we carry out a complete analysis, we can detect this type of malicious software that affects us.

Bad configuration

We must always keep the browser in good condition and that also means that the setting is the right one. If we have touched any parameter, if we have configured something improperly, it could also be damaging the speed and proper operation.

Therefore, if we see that the downloads do not work well and we do not know what may happen, a good idea is to reset the browser to the default values. In this way we can solve certain problems in the configuration.

Equipment or connection failures

But beyond the fact that there is an error in the browser that causes the downloads to go slow, it could also happen that there is a problem with the device itself or with the connection. It is something that we must take into account, as we are going to see.

Malware on the system

One of the most common reasons for something not working well on a device is that there is malware on the system. There are many threats that in one way or another can affect us in our day to day life. Many kinds of viruses, trojans, keyloggers… Everything can harm us.

If your computer has any type of malicious software it could directly affect the download speed. We should always have tools to protect us. A good antivirus, a firewall, and even security extensions can go a long way toward avoiding these problems.

They use Windows Update to sneak malware

Connection problem

Of course we must also keep in mind the possibility that there is some connection failed from Internet. This can happen especially if we are connected via Wi-Fi, something that is becoming more and more common.

If the wireless connectivity is not good, if we do not have a good signal, it could also be reflected in the download speed in the browser. We could improve the wireless connection by using Wi-Fi repeaters, Mesh systems or PLC devices. This will help reduce these types of failures.

Very slow server

Do we have problems when downloading with the browser on all pages or only on a specific one? Perhaps the failure is due to a server problem. It may be slow, may not perform well, and this sometimes causes downloads to go poorly.

Sometimes web pages have multiple links to download a file from different servers. We can try to change to another and see if this solves the problem and we can download files with greater speed.

We are using a VPN

Use a VPN it is something very common today. It is a very useful type of service to improve privacy and avoid data leaks when we connect to public Wi-Fi networks, such as in a shopping center.

However, these types of programs could also be interfering and affecting the download speed of files in the browser. Therefore, we may need to connect to another server on the VPN or see if we have something misconfigured.

These points that we have seen are the main causes why we can have a slow speed when downloading with the browser. We have been seeing what we can do to solve them and get everything back to normal.

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