Why passwords slow down online commerce

We use passwords for everything today. Whenever we want to enter a social network we have to enter the access code. To be able to enter the email, in online forums, in the bank account … Now, the truth is that on certain occasions this can be a problem. It could even make users back down. At least that is how a report that we echo, which shows how many cancel a online shopping as soon as they are asked for a password to enter.

Using password to buy can slow down many

Surely on some occasion you have entered a web page to buy a product that interests you, you have added it to the cart and you have continued with the process until Make the payment. However, at the end, or almost at the end of the purchase, he asked you to log in and enter the password. Just that, according to a report, puts many users back.

This report has been made by the company Beyond Identity, which surveyed more than 1,000 people and the results were clear: 62% of those surveyed said that at some point they had abandoned a purchase process because they had to enter a password.

But this goes further and the same report indicates that 76% of those surveyed would not enter that site again, 83% would look for another to buy and even 58% would have a negative opinion about that specific company or brand.

Why do people back down from having to enter a password to buy? 32% of respondents said the problem is fatigue from having to constantly create a new account, while 41% affirm that they abandoned the purchase because they did not remember the access code. In addition, 30% indicated that the process to generate an access key is too complex.

Reduce passwords, an option to avoid problems

So what could these web pages do to avoid losing customers? According to this same report, one option is simply abolish passwords. Use different authentication methods and do not require users to create an account to make a purchase.

On the other hand, for users who do not want to create passwords so as not to forget them, a good idea is to use password managers. These services are very useful to save passwords at all times and not have to remember them, which can facilitate logins when buying or using any service on the Internet.

However, in case we do have to create a password to buy online, our advice is to create keys that are complex and strong. We should not have weak passwords, easy to find out and that do not protect us. Create one that has letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols. All this always in a random way and also not to use that key in more than one service and thus avoid a domino effect in case of theft.

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