Why PLCs are not always a good option, keep this in mind

When it is not a good option to use PLC

The PLC devices basically they are two devices that connect to each other. You connect one of them to the router and to electricity, while the other you put in another place in the house, connected to the electric current. The Internet connection will travel through the electrical wiring. On many occasions they are useful, but sometimes it is not the best option and they will not solve the problem.

bad wiring

One reason why it is not a good option to use PLCs is when we have a bad wiring. If the house is old and you have Internet problems, it is very likely that when using PLC you will not have good results. The connection will not go as fast as you would like and you could even have continuous cuts.

Keep in mind that PLCs need to transfer information through electrical wiring. If it is old or has a problem, the connection will be limited. Surely they work and you can have access to the network, but the results are not going to be good. You will have poor speed, high latency and, ultimately, connection instability.

excessive distance

Another reason is when the distance is excessive. It should be noted that PLC devices will work better when you connect them to the same zone. In other words, the house will be divided into several electrical circuits. For example, one can be the kitchen, another several rooms, etc. That is why sometimes you can have problems and you only run out of electricity in a certain area of ​​​​the house.

If you connect the PLCs in different electrical circuits, you will have a lower performance. The ideal is that you connect them in it. But of course, this is not always going to be possible. Also, the further away you are, the less likely you are to set them up this way and the more speed and stability issues you’ll have.

PLCs are sensitive to problems

Limited devices

Of course, one more reason is that the devices you are using can be very limited. Maybe you have speed problems and you want the connection to go faster. What if those PLC devices are bad and, for example, don’t work beyond 100 Mbps over the wire? You could actually be even making the situation worse.

To avoid this, it is always convenient to choose the PLC very well. The goal is to make them work as well as possible, with good speed and signal quality. There are many options available and you will be able to see reviews and information on the Internet.

The problem is not coverage

Maybe the problem is not coverage. Using PLC may not improve anything if you really signal reaches you well. It is possible that the speed problems or cuts are more because you are using a limited network card or that there is a problem at the software or configuration level in the device you use to navigate.

In this case, the ideal is that you find what is the reason for the problem and avoid buying PLCs that you really do not need. You can try other devices and see if the speed they receive is correct in that same place and thus rule out problems to make an appropriate decision.

In short, as you can see, sometimes it is not convenient to use PLC devices. It is likely that they will not improve anything and may even pose an added problem for the connection. Therefore, analyze your situation well and see if you really need them.

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