This is what you should do if you are going to connect many devices to WiFi

What to do to connect many devices to the network

Although current connections are more powerful than a few years ago, the truth is that the problem of connecting many devices and making the Internet worse is still present. The routers and repeaters They support many connected devices theoretically, but in practice that figure can be much lower. However, you can take into account some factors.

use both bands

One of them is to use both the band of the 2.4GHz like that of the 5GHz. Especially the latter will have fewer congestion and interference problems. You will be able to connect more devices without problems. We can say that the 2.4 GHz band has more coverage, but less speed. On the other hand, the 5 GHz has higher speed and less interference with other devices, although a more limited distance.

If your neighbors connect many devices to their router on the 2.4 GHz band, this can cause saturated channels. If you use a heavily used channel, you may have problems when connecting multiple devices.

Differences between 2.4 and 5 GHz

Use a powerful repeater

It is a good idea to use a repeater that is powerful. Perhaps the wireless connection of your router is not strong and to take the network to other places you use a Wi-Fi repeater or Mesh system. But of course, not all devices are going to be the same and you will not always be able to connect devices without problems.

Our advice is to use a repeater that is dual band, that has a good speed and features that allow you to connect many devices without the dreaded cuts appearing or the connection starting to go wrong without you realizing it.

Do not consume excessive bandwidth

You can also take into account the possibility of not consuming excessive bandwidth. It prevents, for example, a computer from downloading large files at once, while other devices may have problems browsing, making a video call, etc. After all, bandwidth is limited.

If you use only two or three devices, you may not notice much of a difference. But if you are going to connect many more, as soon as the bandwidth decreases and is limited, you could have significant problems being able to navigate. You would have cuts and a worse connection.

have a good router

Of course, another recommendation to be able to connect many devices to the network and that there are no cuts is to have a good router. Depending on the capacity of this equipment, you will be able to connect more or fewer devices without the dreaded problems appearing. The device you have may be limited and you may not be able to connect as many things as you would like.

Of course, if you are going to change the device it is important to avoid problems in the router and that it is guaranteed. The objective is to achieve a good connection, without cuts or problems.

In short, if you need to connect many devices to the network, it is important that you take into account certain factors. In this way you will avoid problems and you will be able to connect them without cuts.

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