Why the WiFi is slow on the TV and the streaming cuts out sometimes

What causes a bad connection on the Smart TV

If you see that the Internet is malfunctioning on television, the first thing you should do is find out what is the cause. There are a few main reasons that can cause such errors. We are going to see what they are and so you can take appropriate measures so that the connection is not cut and there are no errors.

Too far from the access point

One of the main reasons why the internet connection is weak on the television or even get cut off is because it is far from the access point. If you have the router in another room and the signal does not arrive well, this can cause the television to not receive enough to be able to watch streaming content without cuts appearing.

You can solve this problem in different ways. One of them is to try to connect cable television, although that will not always be possible. Another, the most frequent, is to use a device to improve the wireless signal. For example a Wi-Fi repeater or PLC devices.

You are using a bad amplifier

Do you have the television connected by WiFi to a repeater or any device? Perhaps you are using a device in poor condition. This will limit the quality and will cause the speed to decrease or even continuous cuts to appear that prevent you from using television correctly on the Internet.

But you also have to keep in mind that maybe that device is not in bad shape, but it is very limited. In that case you will be limited to a maximum speed with which you could not see streaming content in 4K, for example, without cuts and problems.

hardware problems on tv

You should keep in mind that television does not have such powerful hardware to have Internet as you can have a computer. This makes it more limited and can even cause problems if conditions are not optimal. Everything will also depend on the exact model you have.

If you see that the Internet speed that reaches your television is very low and there are even cuts, it may be due to hardware problems. It may simply be a question of limitations of the device itself, but also that there has been a physical problem and some component is damaged.

Other equipment consumes the bandwidth

The bandwidth is limited and depending on the rate you have contracted, you may have more or less problems. If you have a rate that does not have a large capacity, you may have too many devices connected at the same time or they are making high use of the connection, such as downloading files from the cloud.

This is something that will affect other devices that connect and need to have a good bandwidth, such as television. There could be significant limitations and the videos may be stuck or the Smart TV may not be able to connect to use certain installed applications.

In short, as you have seen, there are different reasons why WiFi can be slow on Smart TV. This will inevitably mean that you will not be able to use certain programs or view content in high quality.

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